Tested: GSB G-350 motorcycle helmet review


Date reviewed: July 2018 | Tested by: Steve Rose| Price: £57.99 | http://gsbmoto.com


At just £57.99, the GSB-G350 is a very affordable full-face lid. I’ve been using it for the last two months on a Yamaha Fazer 1000, a Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and a KTM 1290S…


Outer shell

Made of ABS plastic, this white/blue/fluoro yellow helmet has a deep gloss and looks like it would cost more than £58. Up close, the graphics have quite a coarse halftone screen, and are a little low in resolution, but the vents look reasonable for the price, as does the lining. The aggressive spoiler looks good too…



At 1501g for this small lid, it’s around the mid-range of weight in this price bracket. It certainly doesn’t feel too heavy while you’re wearing it.





One top vent is operated by a slider, as is the single chin vent. A pair of exhaust vents on the rear can also be closed, and the polystyrene has deep channelling in it.

The vents are a little stiff to operate, and don’t make a huge amount of difference. There’s no chin skirt, but I haven’t noticed any undue windblast.




A lever on either side releases the visor, but it can take a little force to get it off. Refitting is very easy though, the levers automatically relocking as you close the visor.

Opening is via a thumb tab on the left – I’d prefer one in the middle or on either side, to make it a little easier when holding the clutch in with your left hand, but this is the usual set-up for the majority of helmets.

There’s no option to fit a Pinlock anti-fog insert, but the G-350 doesn’t fog particularly badly. The visor opens on a smooth ratchet, but it only has three positions – as you can’t crack the visor ‘just open’ if you want to reduce fogging, you have to ride with the visor half way open.

The drop-down sun shield is easy to operate, comes far enough down and doesn’t touch my nose.




The lining is easy to remove for cleaning and nicely finished.




A micrometric ratchet fastener is easy to adjust to the right size, then very quick in operation for a secure fit – even when wearing gloves.



With no real pressure points, the GSB G-250 fits me well and is easy to get on and off, though of course, you must always try any helmet on before you buy it. I did find that when wearing a high-collared jacket, the rubber curtain at the back base of the lid would push forward and up, causing a small pressure point.



You should wear earplugs with any helmet to avoid long-term damage, but this isn’t a noticeably noisier lid than any other I’ve used.



For the price, this is an impressive helmet. The visor feels a bit thin, and the vents could be better, but for the money, it’s very good.