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John Milbank, BikeSocial Consumer Editor
By John Milbank
BikingMilbank BikeSocial Consumer Editor, John owns a BMW S1000XR, Honda Grom and a 1999 Kawasaki ZX-6R. He's as happy tinkering in the workshop as he is on twisty backroads, and loves every bike ever built (except one). He's bought three CBR600s, a KTM 1050 Adventure, Yamaha MT-10, two Ducati Monsters, several winter hacks, three off-roaders, a supermoto pit bike, a Honda Vision 50 and built his own custom XSR700. 



Date reviewed: June 2018 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £69.99 | www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk


Sold exclusively in the UK by Sportsbike Shop, the Dexter Izoard is a well-specified full-face helmet at a relatively low price. I’ve been using it on a KTM 1050 Adventure and a BMW G310GS for several months…


Outer shell

Our helmet’s polycarbonate shell has a matt black finish that feels good – while it doesn’t look expensive, it doesn’t look overly cheap either, and combined with the neat detailing to the bottom of the lining around the neck, the Izoard belies its low price.



Weighing 1580g, this Dexter is around the mid-range of weight in this price bracket, and it certainly doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome in use.




The Izoard has a single, twin-port vent on the top, and a single bottom vent, both of which can be closed. They’re easy to use, and definitely work, but they certainly don’t blast your head.

The Dexter is quite an airy lid as it is, despite having a chin skirt, so you don’t feel a huge difference with the vents open. They do add to the cooling and circulation, but keep in mind that the natural movement of air in the lid will mean it’s not the warmest in the depths of winter.




The visor takes a bit of force to remove and refit, but with just one lever on either side to release, it’s a simple system.

A Pinlock 30 (the base-level of anti-fog insert) is supplied, which is great at this price point, and the lid also has an integrated sun-shield, which drops down well without touching my nose.

The five-position ratchet is quite smooth, and the visor can be cracked open with the left thumb tab (I prefer one in the centre, or one either side, for ease of use when holding the clutch in). While the Pinlock helps prevent fogging, the cracked visor is useful for spectacle wearers like me.

You are aware of the Pinlock being fitted, but it’s not bad. The nose guard sits quite high, making the helmet feel more suited to sportier riding with your head tipped down, but it’s easily removable and certainly isn’t annoying even when sat bolt-upright.

The visor seals very well against heavy rain, but water can creep into even a closed brow vent and drip down inside the lid.




The comfortable lining is fully removable and easy to take out and refit, so cleaning won’t be a problem.




A micrometric ratchet is fitted to the Dexter, which is easy to operate (even with gloves on). These always take a few minutes to set up when you first get a lid, but once done they ensure a secure fit every time with no fuss.



While fit is always very subjective, the Izoard was extremely comfortable from the first time I wore it. There are no pressure points, and my glasses fit easily inside, without being pushed or distorted, and without ever feeling uncomfortable.



With a more effective neck and chin seal, the Dexter could be quieter, but I’ve never worn any lid that doesn’t need earplugs, and the levels here are fairly average.



I’m very impressed with this helmet – the comfort and features are superb for something of such a relatively low price. It’s not going to be the warmest in winter, and the water leak is a shame, but it’s well worth considering for a cash-strapped biker.


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