Glove review: Richa WP Savage

Glove review: Richa WP Savage - £99.99

Review period: 1 year (May 2014 - May 2015)

As we know wearing a helmet is a legal requirement in the UK but in my opinion you'd be pretty stupid to be without gloves too. Imagine if you toppled over even at 0 mph, your hands are going to bear a fair brunt of the impact with the ground.

For sportsbikes, sooters and everything in between

I get to ride a mixture of motorbikes so I looked for a versatile pair of waterproof gloves that could do a job in all seasons in pretty much all temperatures above 0°C and wouldn't look daft on track, on scooter or anywhere between. And I've found an excellent option.

The WP Savage (WP for water proof) by Richa are priced at £99.99 and face competition from plenty of other brands at the same price but these Richa's have plenty going for them.

Primarily when we look for a new pair of gloves we look for comfort and protection then worry about appearance and how easy it is to get them on and off during bleak winter days or the clammy hot summer. I feel well versed to offer opinion given the variation of weather and climates in which I've used the gloves. From a snowy January UK road test of a Kawasaki Versys 1000 to the Yamaha R3 press launch on a southern Spanish circuit in typically southern Spanish weather, the Richa's have been my go-to glove for most occasions.

Available in black or white. Both with hard knuckle protection

Made from a combination of premium kangaroo, cow and goat leather they are very comfortable and do not have seams that rub where they shouldn't. Nor are they like those gloves that are too tight in one place yet too baggy in more critical areas. After a year of use their quality shines through; the WP Savage gloves are in excellent condition and despite no maintenance the leather is soft, pliable and remains comfortable. The gloves significant protection offered in the form of rock solid Knox armour across the four knuckles, palm and scaphoid (small bone connecting thumb to wrist). An additional layer of Pittards-treated Keratan leather adds even more durability and abrasion resistance to the palm and side of hand.

They’re not overly long with wrist length either, fitting comfortably over my Furygan one-piece leathers and Richa TG2 leather jacket with one wide and one thin Velcro strap. The thin strap is even protected by a small leather flap.

Sizes range from XS – 3Xl and my hand circumference (distance between wrist and tip of middle finger) measures 20cm so I wear a size Large.

Available from BikeNation.

As used on a Yamaha XJR1300