Givi 20.7 Oldster

Givi Oldster

Italian company Givi is best known for its range of hard luggage but the brand has branched out to helmets in recent years, building a strong reputation across mainland Europe with a wide range that includes full-face, jet and open-faced variants.

The 20.7 Oldster is a cool as hell open faced retro lid described by the company as a 'fiber (sic) jet helmet for those riders who love vintage styling and who choose their motorcycles and clothing according to specific aesthetic standards'.

In other words, it has been designed to look great, but after wearing one for the last few months I can confirm that it's very comfortable as well, even if it's not super practical in or changeable British climate.

When you put it on, the first thing you notice about the Oldster is just how light it feels. I've worn a few traditional open faced helmets in the past, particularly those from Davida, and they've felt quite clunky and not hugely comfortable. Givi claim that the Oldster weighs between 850-950 grams (depending on shell size and accessories fitted) which is 50% lighter than my beloved Schubert M1 jet helmet.

The Givi feels so light you can barely feel it. I found it a little disconcerting at first but, once you are used to it, I found it the perfect sunny day helmet for a scooter, cruiser or roadster, with a really comfortable inner lining that kept me cool on even the hottest days.

Colour options are cool too. Mine's is the matt black option, adorned with yellow and white stripes, but there's also a transposed version of that (yellow with black), red with black and army green with black, as well as plain matt and gloss black variants. It comes with a detachable Seventies style off road peak for that Steve McQueen scrambling look, goggle strap and an optional fixed bubble visor, which looks great (although we haven't yet had a chance to try it).

Online, the Givi 20.7 Oldster can be picked up for less than £100 and that makes it good value in my book. Sure, it's not a helmet you'd want to wear day-in, day-out but at that price it's a great thing to have for those days when the sun's shining and the mood takes you. 

Givi Oldster