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Yamaha XJ6 Diversion (2012) - Review

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Posted: 12 Oct 2012

Mainland Europe is a big market for practical middleweights – more so than the UK for the simple reason of the better weather and the understanding that race-replicas aren’t needed to get that all-important biking adrenaline rush.

Yamaha’s XJ6 Diversion series fits the European lifestyle perfectly but just dips under the UK riders’ radar. This is unfortunate because it is a good bike – it has sporting pedigree blended with practicality.

The 600cc motor is a derived from a former supersports machine. But while it is detuned and reworked for improved midrange torque, the engine is still a rev-happy chap that makes blood rush and hairs stand tall when engine revs chase the tacho needle to the 11,750rpm red line.

It has some low-to-midrange pull to make slow speed riding an effortless affair but the XJ6 ‘Divvie’ really comes to life at 7000rpm and onwards. The point is you can use the engine like a true sports bike and the chassis and its components will deliver similar levels of sports handling to make any ride a pleasure or, with the throttle abused, an intense pleasure.

Don’t get us wrong, the XJ6 will not win club races. But in the true spirit of road riding the steel tubular frame, basic sliding-calipers and suspension are good enough to please every type of rider, be it commuter or weekend fun rider on their favourite roads. The fitment of ABS also means a helping hand is available at short notice…

Compounded by chassis geometry and a short-ish wheelbase that borders on race-replica, the XJ6 Divvie F provides a tantalising glimpse of what hard core speed demons get from their R1/R6 missiles.

There are other benefits with the XJ6 Diversion F that make it a completely practical proposition. The handlebars are upright instead of being near the front wheel spindle to give a good smattering of comfort. Plus the full-length fairing is geared towards practical and doesn’t require insane body movements to duck out of the oncoming air.

For 2013 the XJ6 Diversion F ABS will not be available, although the naked version will carry ABS. But there are still dealer stocks of the Diversion F ABS in the UK, which will be a favourable buy at the 2012 price, especially when new stocks of the non-ABS XJ6 Diversion F arrive in store...

+ points – competent all-rounder, perfect stepping stone to sports bikes
- points – poor resale values, chassis components require regular cleaning and protecting

Price: £7128
Power: 77.5bhp, 44ft lbs
Kerb weight: 220kg
Seat height: 785mm
Colours: Blue, white

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