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Vespa GTS 300 Super (2009) - Review

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Vespa GTS 300 Super (2009-14)


There are good reasons for owning a modern-day Vespa. Firstly they look every inch the classic Vespas of old. Secondly, they are clean and reliable. Lastly they are fun to ride, which is what riding on two wheels is about.

The GTS 300 Super is Vespa’s equivalent of a Suzuki GSX-R600. It’s a sporty number in looks as well as performance. The latest and cleanest 278cc four-stoke, 4-valve engine is the biggest capacity Vespa have delivered. For this reason there is plenty of fluid, forward motion that can easily hit 70mph-plus and have enough performance to also carry a pillion.

The sporty image is upheld by the red-coloured spring of the single front shock. It’s a style thing but it helps the thought in your head the Vespa can scythe through corners in true Vespa racing style. Luckily the braking system is actually quite strong on the 300. A single disc up front and one at the rear used in unison can actually surprise even the most experienced rider.

To be fair, the Vespa can be hustled along at a fair rate of knots. Suspension isn’t soggy and cheap in feel but nicely sprung to give that all-important feedback. The only limiting factor for going quick is the usual British damp weather and then the standard tyres that suddenly lose all feel of grip in wet conditions.

You’d be quite right to say the Vespa 300 is just another modern twist and go scooter. The running gear isn’t much different to any other of the masses of scooters tearing about European cities. But it is a fine looking twist and go all the same and it pulls admirers.

White numerals sit on a black background of the analogue dash display. The two-tone alloy wheels are a nice touch. And it is little touches like these that make the Vespa GTS 300 Super so… erm, super.

+ points - classic Vespa styling, easy to ride, economical

- points - price is off-putting for anyone wanting a snazzy commuter

Price: £4140
Power: 22bhp, 12.1ft lbs
Kerb weight: 158kg
Seat height: 750mm
Colours: Red, black, white

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