Triumph Trophy review

Posted: 12 Oct 2012

There‘s no getting away from the fact that when Triumph produce a new bike they look long and hard at the competition. Based on the Trophy’s styling, it’s easy to say Triumph looked real close and really hard at BMW’s touring battleships. Of course, Triumph claims its similar dress code wasn’t intentional and is possibly the same lines of thinking from two great producers…

However you look at the Trophy, it is certainly a stylish machine that works brilliantly, starting with the new 1215cc triple-cylinder engine also found in the new Tiger Explorer.

Yet again Triumph hits the right spot with this engine. It is both torque-laden and powerful in the same spec panel and gives the option of delicate throttle reponse that can be kicked into touch by opening the throttle wider and wider.

When colossal torque seamlessly gives way to horsepower in any gear it means the world is about to go backwards at a rapid rate, which is just what you need to cross countries and continents in quick time. Toe another gear anywhere along the analogue tacho face and smile in appreciation at the silky way the Trophy simply picks up speed.

Like all good tourers, driving force is ably assisted to the rear wheel via clean, efficient and reliable shaft. No chain lubrication or tensioning required here. And no need to drag out the tools to adjust the screen height either – it’s electronic and adjustable via handlebar switch. The same can be done for the optional heated grips, the quality stereo system of the SE version, and a whole heap more techno gadgetry. It’s all easy to use, too. This is assuming you have the thumb span of a brick layer, otherwise it’s a bit of a stretch.

With any full-dressed touring machine, comfort has to be key; Triumph actually worked hard to ensure zero butt-ache for 150+ miles. Testament to this was no butt-ache after 11-hours of riding – or arm, back, leg and neck ache.

We’d like to say the Trophy’s suspension quality is second to none, except the WP front and rear units are upstaged by the electronically adjustable front and rear WP units of the Trophy SE model. Simple button pushing to adjust rebound and preload to accommodate the Missus and luggage is clean and neat and you don’t have to get out of the sumptuous seat. But for an extra £1350? Mind you, with that price you do get a stereo system loaded with Bluetooth, USB and facility to hook up pretty much anything with a lower case i in front of its name.

At 301kg ready to rock, the Trophy is no lightweight. But fear not the snapping of ankles at junctions or traffic lights because the trophy is balanced and isn’t as top heavy as the bodywork suggests. Paddling it about in jam-packed parking spots is no more difficult than any other bike. Also, that weight is conducive to ride quality because it helps maintain the same even keel over bumps, rather than banging off them in a true sportsbike fashion. As for braking in the wet, no qualms here with the latest Triumph ABS system.

To sum up the Trophy in a few words? A great British product that will do very well over here, there, and everywhere.

+ points – sublime engine, absolute comfort
- points – ancillary switch is a stretch, choosing between British or German

Price: £12,949
Power: 132bhp, 89ft lbs
Kerb weight: 301kg
Seat height: 800/820mm
Colours: Blue, silver

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