Triumph Speed Triple review

Posted: 27 Oct 2011

The Speed Triple is the foundations that Triumph has built its current success on. Since it was originally launched in 1994 the Speed Triple has grown from a quirky naked bike to the company’s best selling machine and an icon of Hinckley Triumph. The secret of its success is simple – aggressive looks combined with a grunty triple engine all wrapped in a chassis that is sporty without compromising rider comfort.

For 2011 Triumph decided it was time to give the Speed Triple a thorough update. Gone is the classic ‘bug eye’ double round headlights, replaced with a more modern angular set, a move that brought wails of disapproval from some of the bike’s army of fans. Times change, styles update, and those doubters would soon find themselves silenced after a quick ride.

As well as a new look the 2011 Speed Triple’s chassis is completely re-invented. Revised geometry putting more weight over the front wheel and updated suspension has turned the Speed Triple from a slightly soggy ride to one of far more accuracy. The big wide bars allow you to lever the bike into corners and once there the Triumph holds a perfect line without the wobble of pervious models. No longer is the Speed Triple a soft naked bike, it’s now a sports bike minus a fairing.

But Triumph hasn’t lost sight of the fact it’s a road bike first and foremost. The riding position is comfortable, the suspension compliant and the glorious triple engine (which remained virtually untouched in the update) grunty and packed full of the kind of character that Japanese inline fours can only dream of. It’s impossible not to enjoy riding the 2011 Speed Triple. It’s the jewel of the Triumph range and one quick blast is enough to fall in love with this icon of British society.

+ points - Iconic looks, beautiful to ride
- points - Lack of wind protection

Price: £8,799 (+£600 for ABS)
Power: 133bhp, 82ft.lbs
Weight: 214kg
Seat height: 825mm
Colours: Black, white, red