Peugeot Speedfight 125 Review

Author: Ian Grainger Posted: 13 Mar 2014

Peugeot have finally realised their Speedfight needed a bigger engine. Over half a million scooters have been sold since it’s launch in the late 1990’s but surprisingly it’s only ever been available as a 50 or 100cc…well not any more.

Peugeot Speedfight 125 Bike Social review

Sales of 125’s have grown over the last couple of years, whilst moped sales have plummeted, so it makes sense to market as many models as possible with a 125 engine. The Speedfight was revamped in 2008; it had a facelift, gained USD forks and a few other goodies to become the Speedfight 3, it was sharp looking, stylish and quite quick for a 50 once derestricted. It still looks as stunning today as it did back then, so Peugeot haven’t really needed to change much, other than fit a bigger engine.

They’ve opted to use the existing Peugeot Tweet 125 engine, an air-cooled, carb fed motor. Ok it might not be fuel injected, or liquid cooled but it’s economical, reliable and available off the shelf. Plus it helps to keep the cost of this new scooter down to just £2399, making it very competitive. Peugeot have also improved the characteristics of the engine by fettling things to produce more mid-range power.

Up close the new Speedfight 125 in its Pearl White IceBlade special edition paintwork with contrasting graphics looked just as good as expected. There’s no doubt about it, this is a classy looking scooter. It’s detailing is spot on and designed to appeal to a broad section of riders, from the 17 year old who can’t afford car insurance to the mid thirties returning rider looking to ditch the car. If you’re looking for a stylish sporty scooter you’ve come to the right place. With alloy footplates, polished bar ends, a rear spoiler, wavy front disc, four pot radial front calliper and gorgeous digital clocks the Speedfight 3 125 is a beauty.

Peugeot Speedfight 125 Bike Social review

This little scooter was surprisingly quick as well. It sounds quite willing as soon as you start it up and it will beat most cars away from the lights without too much trouble. It keeps up with traffic easily enough so those mid range mods have been well worthwhile. I saw 67mph on the speedo on the flat, it’ll probably read 70 by the time the engine has loosened up a bit more though. As 125cc scooter brakes go you’ll struggle to beat the Speedfights stopping prowess, that radial front calliper has loads of power, as does the rear. Couple that with the grippy Hutchinson tyres, a short wheelbase and relatively light weight and you’ve got a sporty little scooter that is great fun to ride and handles very well. These days lots of older riders are getting a scooter rather than using public transport, or a second car and they do make perfect sense. A 125 can be a great way to get around and as the Speedfight proves it doesn’t have to be dull, or expensive. This one costs just £2399 and is a lot of scooter for the money. If you’re looking for sports styling, rather than luxury executive scootering the Speedfight 125 will make a great addition to your garage.

+ points: Stonking brakes, lively engine, styling
-  points: Not too roomy if taking a pillion, Attractive to thieves

More Information

Engine: 124.9cc, 4-stroke single cylinder, air-cooled
Power: 10.45bhp

Top speed: 67mph
Weight: 114kg
Seat height: 800mm
Price: £2399 IceBlade/DarkSide (£2299 standard colours)

Photos: Mykel Nicolaou


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