Honda Vision 110 review

Posted: 01 Nov 2012

Urban mobility is the latest marketing speak for affordable personal transport i.e. small capacity engine scooters. But quite how ‘affordable’ translates when some scooters can cost in excess of £3500 is a little difficult to comprehend.

One of the many exceptions to expensive urban mobility is Honda’s delightful Vision 110. Here is a scooter that is neither expensive to buy or run on a long-term basis.

Ok, so the 108cc engine is never going to break land speed records, but to get from one side of town to the other with ease it’s ideal – compared to catching a bus or getting your leg lifted from overpriced taxi fares.

As with all ‘twist and go’ scooters, the Honda is simple and fuss-free. Jump on, turn the key, put the brakes on and thumb the electric starter button. You might not hear the engine running in traffic because of the wraparound leg shields and rear-mounted engine muted exhaust note, so a brief twist of the throttle tube is needed to gently move forward.

Obviously the more weight being carried the greater the amount of open throttle is required. It really is that easy, even with a passenger onboard. It is just as easy to stop the Vision by using the bar-mounted brake levers (bicycle-style). This is typical scooter brake layout but the Vision takes this further because of the addition of Combined Braking System (CBS), which in short means the rear brake lever when used also partially operates the front brake for precise stopping.

The seat is a seat but it is also a magical opening to underseat storage. While it isn’t exactly cavernous it’s enough to stow lightweight waterproofs and possibly an open-face helmet at the same time if you’re a practising origami specialist.

There are some major points about the Vision that play a big part in making a purchase decision. Firstly, it is a stylish little number and wouldn’t look amiss parked outside one of the many coffee shops packed with the young and trendy or senior and cool. It is also remarkably frugal.

Honda claims it is possible to achieve 141.8mpg. Maybe it can on a wind-free day without a slight uphill section to negotiate. Best figure recorded in our book was 131.4mpg, but we’re not complaining because the Vision still makes perfect sense and is a much more attractive proposition to riding on a steamed-up bus.

+ points – low fuel consumption, trendy and practical
- points – suspension struggles with appalling UK road surfaces

Price: £1800
Power: 8.3bhp, 6.4ft lbs
Kerb weight: 102kg
Seat height: 755mm
Colours: White, blue, black, silver, red

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