Ducati Streetfighter 848 (2011 – 2015) | Used bike guide

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Ducati 848 Streetfighterused bike guide


One of Ducati’s big success stories is the Monster range of bikes – the naked class of air-cooled (and now liquid-cooled) machines is actually its biggest selling range of all its years in production. So Ducati knows that a successful naked bike is a money-making bike; and with the water-cooled Streetfighter 848, similar levels of success were expected. However for some reason, much like the larger capacity Streetfighter model, this aggressive naked failed to capture the public’s imagination and was soon dropped from Ducati’s model range.

With the Streetfighter’s engine lifted from the wondrous 848 superbike, it’s a given that performance is going to be exciting – and it is. By combining V-twin torque and superbike power, the Streetfighter 848 is certainly not scared of taking on bigger capacity sportsbikes and scalping many thanks to this wonderful motor. However it’s not all plain sailing…


Ducati 848 Streetfighterused bike guide

The one problem with this engine design is that you can’t hear the delicious air intake and booming exhaust note like Ducatis of old. The Italian marque has been forced to meet emissions regulations and as a result has strangled the famed Ducati engine note with an exhaust that would silence Boris Johnson! That same exhaust is also shaped to cause the heels of expensive bike boots to melt over it, or scratch it badly when riding with the balls of your feet on the footpegs, which is very annoying. Flat-footed is the coolest way forward - literally.

With chassis technology also borrowed from its superbike brother, the Streetfighter 848 is equally at home at a circuit of your choice. Yes, the suspension is a little bit firm over most road surfaces, but it is immediately perfect for that first session on track. It’s worth noting the Streetfighter’s suspension can actually be tuned to be softer – all adjustable suspension can but it’s often forgotten about. Do this and the Streetfighter is actually a very pleasant road bike, mainly as Ducati has finally realised that a naked road bike doesn’t need its handlebars placed just south of the bottom fork yoke! What the Streetfighter has is a handlebar position that pulls you forward slightly to lessen the windblast, but also allows you to sit in relative comfort in any riding situation.


Ducati 848 Streetfighterused bike guide


Maybe the Streetfighter 848 was too aggressive for the market at its launch, maybe it was too expensive, whatever the reason it is a shame it failed to sell as it’s a great fun naked with performance that impresses rather than scares. Well worth searching out in the used market.

+ points – glorious V-twin grunt, traction control
- points – iffy exhaust routing, seat hurts after 70 miles

Ducati Streetfighter 848 (2011 – 2015) specs


2011 – 2015


132bhp, 69ft lbs

Dry weight


Seat height



Black, red, yellow


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