BMW S 1000 RR review

Posted: 11 Oct 2012

BMW’s S1000RR is one of those bikes that comes along every now and then to change the way we think of 1000cc superbikes. In the same way Honda’s original FireBlade and the Yamaha R1 forged the way for chassis and engine performance to unite in harmony, the S1000RR leads the way in technology and performance.

The 999cc engine gives the biggest rear wheel power output of the superbike class and comes with a healthy amount of low to midrange torque to arguably make it the easiest superbike to ride on the road. This has been done with the clever use of engine management electronics designed by a team that rides bikes for a hobby as well as a living. If you want to bimble through congestion or score a good lap at a trackday, the BMW accomplishes both with ease.

Electronics figure highly in every area of the S1000RR, from traction control through to the clever anti-lock braking system and onto the selectable power mode switch located on the handlebar. Who would have thought the most powerful and mad superbike for decades would come from BMW and at the same time, be the safest to ride?

In true race-replica fashion, the seating arrangement is head down, rear up and compounded by race-style clip-on handlebars and high footrest position. But strangely enough it is comfortable too, with a shaped seat and a lot of room behind the tank in which to move around in.

Handling is super stable considering it turns quicker than a Scalextric car and is lighter than a 1000cc superbike has any right to be. BMW quickly realised that most owners rarely touch suspension adjustment because it’s complicated. The answer from BMW to get the most out of the S1000RR is to number each movement of the suspension adjusters and print in the owner’s manual a simple reference guide to adjust to the bike to suit the style of riding. Brilliant.

If the desire to own the best 1000cc sports machine available is strong enough to splash out £13,655, you can rest assured that buying an S1000RR means it’ll be money well spent.

+ points – superior engine performance, exceptional chassis
- points – price, all too easy to ride fast

Price: £13,635
Power: 193bhp, 82.6ft lbs
Kerb weight: 202kg
Seat height: 820mm

Colours: Red/white, blue, black, Motorsport colours

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