BMW R 1200 R review (2006-14)

Posted: 10 Jan 2013

BMW’s R1200R is arguably the most underrated and forgotten about naked roadster available today. On one hand it is a stylish machine made all the better with the Classic version that comes with nice-touch-extras like steel wire-spoked wheels and tasty striped paint scheme.

Meanwhile, in the right hand, the throttle tube works the R1200R’s flat-twin Boxer engine that is essentially the same as bolted into the R1200 RT luxury touring tool, so it’s no slouch and has a mass of character too.

The 1170cc engine has enough torque and the first five gear ratios are nicely spaced, while top gear can be regarded as an overdrive for decent fuel economy.

You should forget all notions that this bike is ‘just a BMW’! It is more than that because of its ability to be a true jack of all trades. Firstly, the chassis is taut and lithesome to enable serious amounts of fun on any type of road. Yes, peg-scraping is part and parcel of the R1200 R. It is also an accomplished road tool meaning that whatever your riding style preference and experience, the bike is perfectly suited.

Touring isn’t a problem for the R1200R because it is one of those bikes that is as comfortable for 500 miles as it is for the first five. Plus there’s the usual catalogue of accessories that include factory panniers, sport or touring screens and seats and other hard-metal details to personalise the bike to your taste.

It goes without saying the rest of the package is up to scratch too. The Evo brake system is stunning with ABS as standard. Telelever forks are deliciously stiff and responsive on the brakes while extremely supple when coursing across crater-strewn roads. And then there’s the totally forgettable (as in fuss-free) final drive shaft system that has no effect at all on riding dynamics.

If there is one of the many option boxes prospective R1200R owners should tick then it has to be the famed BMW heated grips. With these attached it can allow the bike to be ridden deep into winter and help keep you smiling for longer.

+ points – one of the most adaptable all-rounders available. Will satisfy all urges related to two wheels.
- points – the wire-spoke Classic wheel version is £770 more expensive

Price: £9,995
Power: 108.6bhp, 87.8ft lbs
Kerb weight: 223kg
Seat height: 800mm
Colours: Grey, magnesium, blue, smoke-grey