You ask we answer: Best year for a CBR600RR?

Author: Bike Social Posted: 14 Nov 2014

Ask any member of the Honda hierarchy this question and they’ll reply “every year the CBR6 has been in production”

One of our Facebook followers is thinking of buying a new sportsbike but wants to find out a bit more about Honda’s CBR600RR first.


What's the best year for a CBR600RR?


Ask any member of the Honda hierarchy this question and they’ll reply “every year the CBR6 has been in production” and that’s a lot of years! From the first steel-framed models to the latest whizz-bang ally-framed RR version, they're all good, and the reason for being a massive seller for Honda.

If you’re looking to buy one for everyday use then regardless of model or age, it’s all about how they’ve been looked after. If it looks a bit tired, then it probably is and carrying numerous faults and cause for poor reliability. The latest tackle with low mileage will be pricey but reliable.

All bikes have various faults that come to light after a few years. Early Honda CBR6s get problems with their charging systems, traceable usually to failing regulator rectifiers. Early ally-framed models can miss-fire because of a faulty cam sensor pick up… and the beat goes on.

Genuine, second-hand and pattern spares are plenty to keep a CBR6 running. If the motor blows then you could have just been unlucky… or you’ve bought an ex-racebike.

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