Grand designs - warm hands for winter

Kawasaki ZZR600

Like a winner on the Great British Bake Off, I no longer suffer from soggy bottoms. Changing the saddle has brightened up my ZZR riding experience no end - after all, there’s nothing worse than being cold and uncomfortable when riding your bike.

I don’t drive a car so if I want to get anywhere it’s always by bike, come rain or shine.

Having never found a waterproof glove that really is truly waterproof in over 30 years of motorcycling I am very aware of how miserable it is riding with cold hands and wet hands.

I was going to fit some heated grips to help make my winter riding a bit less of a chore, it’s a route that I’ve taken before but like the holy grail of a watertight glove, most sets of hot grips that I’ve experienced are pretty unreliable, some brands more so than others, so instead of wasting my money on heated grips I invested my funds in something else to help keep my hands dry and warm throughout the coming winter months.

There was a time I wouldn’t have been seen dead with muffs, but how times change. There I was the centre of friendly banter in Wheels Motorcycles when I arrived at the till clutching the most untrendy accessory that they stock.

It’s the best £34.99 that I’ve spent this year.

The muffs are not only dead sensible they are a piece of cake to fit.

Within a few moments the ZZR was transformed. The muffs are huge, they remind me of elephants ears, mostly because of their shape but also because they flap a fair bit when you're on the move.

I checked they weren’t going to foul any of my controls or hinder my ability to do U turns and so on, and despite expecting them to clout the fairing and pitch me off they didn’t, which was a result.

I gave them a maiden run without wearing any gloves, just so I could get a grip on how much weather protection I’d got for my cash. It was well snug.

The only downside is I have to admit they do look rubbish, to get over this I remind myself much of my winter riding will be done in the dark so nobody will see them anyway. 

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