Jim Moore

Jim Moore - Bio_Hero


Job title:

BikeSocial Modern Classics Expert

Who is he?

Launch Editor of Practical Sportsbikes magazine (and the following 100 issues), former Classic Bike Dep Ed, Biking Times Features Ed and late-’90s Performance Bikes staffer. Bike journo for a quarter of a century and, in that time, a contributor to MCN, Bike, RiDE, Superbike, CMM, AMCN and numerous other titles.

Caught the bike bug aged 10 when his brother bought a Honda MT-5 (complete with 65cc big-bore kit and Fresco pipe). Bought his first bike at 13 – a dog-eared Yamaha Fizzy for £15, with two-thirds of its head bearings missing; blew it up in an afternoon. Since then, has owned everything from gag bikes (YSR80 and TZM50R) and enduro machines (CRM250 – later sold to BikeSocial’s very own John Milbank, RMX250), to sports tourers (numerous VFR750Fs), and race reps (NC30, NSR250R, several R6s). Currently owns a heavily modified Suzuki GSX1100S Katana, a Yamaha YZF750R, a Suzuki TS80X, plus a Yamaha TZR125R 4DL and Suzuki TS50ER in bits.

Ludicrously passionate about old bikes – especially those from the ’70s through to late ’90s – and has an extensive brochure collection to prove it. Prefers autojumbles and classic dealer showrooms to bike shows, loves anything two-stroke. Would dearly love to find his old Kawasaki AR50 – if you know where F527ORE is, please email him so he might finally shut up about it…

Twitter: @JimMoor33176434

Email: katana1170.jm@gmail.com