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Sportsbike Insurance

  • Get your insurance cover from an award-winning broker

  • Get Defaqto 5-star rated insurance that rewards you with a Free BikeSocial membership

  • Insurance made easy with the most common bike modifications covered as standard

  • Uninsured Driver Promise, you’re protected with every comprehensive insurance policy

You could get specialist 5-star rated cover for less than £125*

*30% of customers who took out a new policy between 1st January 2024 and 31st March 2024 and paid annually, paid £125 or less.  Price includes IPT. Please note that cover and premiums are subject to individual circumstances

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Get your sportsbike insurance sorted now so that you can get on with the thrills of riding a fast and powerful bike.

A sportsbike is designed with high-performance in mind; conceived for racetrack battles but with enough flexibility to use its sporty pedigree to get the most while road riding, thanks to incredible agility, thrilling acceleration and phenomenal braking power.

Carving through corners, these dedicated machines are uncompromised in their intention – to provide riders with an unmatched riding experience, be it slicing through Donington Park’s Craner Curves or leaving dithering Bank Holiday traffic in their mirrors.

Enjoy all of that with peace of mind by sorting your sportsbike insurance policy today.

What are the characteristics of a sportsbike? 

Sportsbikes boast the very best in motorcycle technology. The focus is on acceleration and braking as well as manoeuvrability and speed, which is what makes them perfect for the racetrack. 

  • Power – a focus on engine performance at high revs. Usually 600cc – 1000cc in twin, triple or four-cylinder configurations

  • Ergonomics – low set clip-on bars designed to get the rider beneath the ‘bubble’ and for maximum feeling of the front wheel

  • Design – To cut through air at high speed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency

  • Excellent handling – lightweight chassis fitted with top spec suspension with a focus on fast road and track riding for unrivalled cornering capability

What are the most popular sportsbike models? 

The most popular sportsbike models, include:

Are sportsbikes more expensive to insure?

When you ride a bike for sports, insurance is vital for giving you protection and peace of mind. This is because there is a higher chance of you having an accident as you are riding a more powerful bike and going at faster speeds. However, for this reason, the insurance is likely to be higher than it is for your regular bike insurance, too.

When taking out insurance for your sportsbike there are ways to keep the costs down. As these bikes are particularly attractive to thieves, considering security and keeping it in a secured garage overnight will help to reduce your insurance premium. For more tips, check out our guide to getting cheaper bike insurance.

Why choose Bennetts?

So, why choose Bennetts for your insurance policy? Firstly, we work closely with our trusted panel of insurers to compare insurance policies and obtain our best quotes possible at our most competitive prices. We can offer comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only insurance cover as well as a number of additional benefits.

Our specialist insurance cover is tailored to your exact needs and requirements and the most common modifications are covered as standard.

But, that’s not all. Here are some other reasons you should choose Bennetts for your sportsbike insurance:

  • FREE BikeSocial membership with access to exclusive discount codes and more when you buy your insurance policy direct

  • We'll find you our best price for the cover you need from our panel of insurers for our Defaqto 5-star rated cover

  • Keep your No Claims Discount and get any insurance excess paid refunded if your claim is the result of an uninsured driver (Terms and Conditions apply)

  • 24/7 claims line. The claims team will be there whenever you need them

  • Up to 90 days European Cover on your policy as standard

  • Save over on our additional cover options with the Bennetts Ultimate Package

How to get a quote

Getting an insurance quote for your sportsbike is easy with Bennetts. Simply complete our online form or give our dedicated customer service team a call on 0344 412 2171.

If you’re not currently a customer of Bennetts we will also explain the perks that come with our insurance in the shape of BikeSocial Membership.

If you have another bike and do already have insurance with us, we can tell you about the benefits of multi bike insurance.

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