Insurance Fraud Protection

Insurance Fraud Protection

We are committed to preventing fraud. We know how frustrating it can be when the actions of a few lead to negative consequences for everybody else. Fraudulent activity by just a small minority, can lead to wide-spread inflated insurance premiums. That’s why we investigate each case meticulously – so the fraudsters don’t profit!

What We Do - Investigation

We collate as much information as possible from across the industry, and law enforcement agencies to identify fraudsters and fraudulent behaviours.

This process also includes us validating your identity, checking your proof of no claims discount and previous claims history.

How We Do It – Research & Identification

We thoroughly check our information to identify fraudsters. Using up-to-the-minute technology and all of the data at our disposal, we cross reference internal and external databases, and confer with other insurers to validate information. So if your information doesn’t stack up –we’ll identify you.

Why we do it – The Right Thing To Do

Because it’s the right thing to do! We continually strive to eradicate motorcycle insurance fraud and ensure you get the best price possible.

Application checks

To this end, if you fail to disclose truthful, up-to-date insurance information about yourself and your circumstances it could invalidate your insurance as well as your future ability to obtain insurance. It is essential that you honestly disclose all relevant information. We do check all information thoroughly, so we will identify fraudulent behaviour.

No claims discount

We check every No Claims Discount thoroughly. Finding one that is fake, or has been falsified, would result in us either increasing the premiums or cancelling the policy completely.

Claims checks

We have claims checking procedures in place that allow us to stamp out fraud, meaning you don’t end up paying a larger premium for the actions of the small minority of fraudulent insurance applications.

When do you check claims?

Claims checks can be carried out at any point within the policy purchasing process. This includes checking claims before and after payment has been made!

What claims do I need to disclose?

You must inform us about any claim for damage, loss or liability that has happened on your vehicle in the last 5 years –even if it wasn’t you that made the claim. Similarly, if you decided not to make a claim for a loss (such as if your vehicle or property was damaged), you must tell us about that too.

We want to ensure that if you end up having to make a claim you will be paid. Failing to disclose a previous claim could invalidate your insurance, increase your premium or lead to cancellation of your policy.

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