Bennetts Offices compete to cover 2,800 miles in a virtual challenge for Charity. 

This September, Bennetts staff in Coventry and Peterborough will compete to cover a staggering 2,800 mile virtual challenge for their respective charities; the Light Project for Peterborough and the Teenager Cancer Trust for Coventry. To enter the challenge, each person will be required to pay an entry fee, which will be added to the end of year donation for the charity partners.

The formidable challenge, involves visiting all current BSB calendar tracks across the United Kingdom, albeit virtually (2,800 miles is the distance between the circuits). Teams can rack up miles using a variety of options such as walking, running, swimming and even paddling – all these miles count towards the 2,800 mile goal. Miles will be uploaded using a special app, and the teams will be able to track their progress live.

In order to claim victory, the first team to complete the 2,800 miles, wins. The winning team will receive the coveted Bennetts Perpetual Shield as a trophy. 

The Light Project, based in Peterborough, is a charity focused on supporting the homeless. They offer support to rough sleepers and provide their guests with support from housing officers, GPs and drug and alcohol specialists. For more information on the Light Project, please visit: Home - Light Project Peterborough

The Teenage Cancer Trust supports young people who have been diagnosed with Cancer , providing initial support after diagnosis, to helping them rebuild their lives once treatment ends. For more information on the Teenage Cancer Trust, please visit:  

Updates will be provided during the challenge.