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Over 11,000 customers get closer to the BSB action with Bennetts

By Bennetts


A record breaking year for Bennetts customers at BSB | News | Bennetts

2022 marked the year that Bennetts, the motorcycle insurance specialists, helped a record number of their insurance customers and BikeSocial members get closer than ever before to the Bennetts BSB action. 

Over the course of the eleven-round season, customers and members could not only get their hands on free weekend admission tickets, but they could also win premium race day hospitality, laps in a safety car, exclusive grid walks ahead of the Superbike races, private pit lane tours and even the opportunity to ride pillion with BSB riders. 

To be in with the chance of winning some of these incredible BSB experiences, direct insurance customers and BikeSocial members only had to register ahead of each round, through the BikeSocial membership website. Paul, a Bennetts customer, commented, “as regular spectators of BSB our day has been taken to the next level by winning the experiences through BikeSocial membership. We've been right in the thick of it, in spots you don't normally get access to – including hospitality, a grid walk and a lap in the safety car. To think we have just won this with Bennetts is unreal!” 


For customers that didn’t win, or hadn’t entered the monthly customer-only competitions, Bennetts still endeavoured to get them closer to the action. The insurance specialists also secured five ‘VIP Pit Boxes,’ giving thousands of customers and members exclusive access to the pit lane, giving them unrivalled views of Parc Ferme and all podium celebrations. 

Bennetts customer, Craig, commented on the addition of the VIP Pit Box for this season: “Having been a Bennetts policyholder for nine years and an avid BSB supporter, I have always wondered how to take advantage of the Bennetts benefits at BSB races. Today was my first time, alongside my family, to have made the most of the pit lane opportunities, and wow, I have absolutely loved the experience - thank you so much! It has been amazing, and I will definitely be back; it is so worth it.” 

Throughout the season, Bennetts staff were able to ‘surprise and delight’  many more unsuspecting customers with additional grandstand tickets, race day hospitality packages and the chance to present the trophies on the podium, something that Ian enjoyed: “on the Sunday, we had BSB Bennetts hospitality and a grid walk, the excitement of actually walking into the MSV building felt like Christmas, as we have never had an opportunity to go into the building... we had always looked with envy at people in there. The atmosphere was great and chatting with our fellow people at the table just made our weekend.” 

For any Bennetts BSB fan, there really is no better way to experience the series than with Bennetts, as another customer, Nick, realised: “I received an email notification before coming to the event and it transformed the experience. I really felt part of the event as it happened around us, and to be a part of the celebrations as an amazing memory and experience.”

To find out how you can get closer to the action and get more from motorcycling as a Bennetts insurance customer, and from a BikeSocial membership, click here


And the exclusive experiences are not just limited to each round...