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The increasing danger on the roads of Britain

The traffic on our roads has increased dramatically over the past 60 years, which has subsequently led to an increase in road traffic accidents with motorcyclists remaining one of the most vulnerable road users.

Although we don’t like to think about it, accidents do happen. If you do find yourself involved in a collision, it is important to be aware of the steps you need to take before contacting us to make an accident claim on your insurance.

What to do if you’ve had an accident

Many motorcyclists who have been involved in an accident are unclear what to do. Even if you’re unhurt, a collision can be a traumatic experience and you may initially be in shock, but it’s important not to panic.

If there are other people involved in the accident, check that they are ok and call 999 if anyone requires emergency assistance. Then, if safe to do so, make sure the scene of the accident is safe for other road users. Turn on your bike’s hazard lights to warn other motorists and try to remove any debris from the road. Inform the police immediately if anyone has left the scene as it is classed as an offence if you do not stop after an accident.

Never admit liability, take the blame or offer compensation to other parties at the scene of an accident as without all the necessary facts, it could affect your insurance claim. Make sure you have the following information before you leave the scene:

  • Date, time and location of accident
  • Any other relevant party details – name/address/contact telephone number/vehicle registration/insurance details
  • Name and contact details of any witnesses
  • Police details/crime reference number (if applicable)
  • Any other information that may prove to be helpful throughout the claims process, such as a photograph of the scene, or details about the road conditions.

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Bennetts process for those involved in an accident

If you’ve been in an accident and would like to make a claim, you should always try to get in touch within 24 hours of any incident, while the details are still fresh in your mind, to avoid any discrepancies later on. We’ll organise for an assessor to work out the extent of the damage to your motorcycle and what the cost of the repairs are likely to be. We may ask that you take your bike to a local garage for an independent assessment, or organise for someone to visit you. You may also be entitled to a courtesy motorcycle while your bike is being repaired – check your policy wording for more details.

If you are making the claim, you will need to pay the excess on your own insurance. However, if the accident wasn’t your fault and you intend to make a claim against another motorist, you won’t have to pay any excess.

For further advice visit our "making a claim" page.

Useful questions referring to motorcycle accidents

If you’ve been in an accident, but are unsure whether you’re eligible to make a claim, please refer to the following checklist:

  • Have you been involved in an accident that isn’t your fault?

Whether the accident was your fault or not, you’ll need to give us a call. Failure to notify us of any accident, no matter how big or small, even if it wasn’t your fault, could delay the process or settlement of any outstanding claim.

  • Have you or your pillion passenger been injured in an accident?

If you are a motorcyclist or pillion and have sustained injury as a result of an accident, contact us today. Ensure you get your injuries checked out by a doctor as soon as possible and be prepared to get a copy of your medical records as we may need to assess them as part of your claim.  

  • Is your bike off the road as a result of an accident?  Do you require a replacement bike?

If you find yourself unable to use your motorcycle as a result of an accident, call us as soon as possible. Do not organise for your bike to be repaired until we have assessed the damage and the likelihood that your claim will be successful.

  • Are you ‘out of pocket’ such as loss of earnings as a result of the accident? 

Don’t suffer the financial burden of an accident – call our specialist claims team today. If you’re unable to work due to a motorcycle accident you were involved in, we may be able to help you recoup any loss of earnings.

Our UK-based specialist claims team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call on 0330 018 9166 today.

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