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Bennetts Car Insurance is provided by RCIB, who have a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Trust Pilot

  • At Bennetts we believe that the riders make better drivers so we now offer car cover!
  • Discount for Bennetts Bike insurance customers
  • Cashback for BikeSocial members
  • The benefits of Bennetts Car insurance 

    There are many benefits to trusting your car insurance (as well as bike insurance) with Bennetts. We are a highly respected brand within the motorcycle insurance market, and by having cover for both two and four wheels at Bennetts, there are potential savings to be had.

    Car insurance options

    3 ways you can get great cover and potentially save on costs with Bennetts Car insurance:




    Reasons to choose Bennetts Car Insurance

    • Discount for Bennetts Bike insurance customers: Loyalty is front of mind at Bennetts! There will be an additional reduction to your car insurance premium if you are already a Bennetts Bike Insurance customer

    • Cashback for BikeSocial members: As part of our commitment to enabling Bennetts Bike customers to ‘get more from motorcycling’, we’re offering £30 cashback to BikeSocial members that take out a new car policy with Bennetts Car

    • Rated “Excellent”:  Bennetts Car Insurance is provided by Right Choice Insurance Brokers, who have a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Trust Pilot (with over 10,000 reviews)

    • Cover provided for a range of different customers: Whether you are a new driver, have previous convictions, drive a high-performance car or your car is a classic, we look to cover a wide scope of needs. Get a quote today!


    Car insurance in the UK

    The car market and by association, the car insurance market, is still very strong and competitive in 2022.

    During January to March 2022, there were 561,000 vehicles registered for the first time, which meant that there were 40.4 million licensed vehicles in the United Kingdom. Of these, nearly 33 million were cars. Source:


    The top 3 makes in the UK, for the same time period were:

    Ford (12.2%)

    Vauxhall (9.1%)

    Volkswagen (8.8%)



    This coincided with the average price paid for comprehensive motor insurance coming in at £416; a 5% drop over the year since January to March 2021. The current average premium was at its lowest level since 2015! Source:


    Bennetts Car insurance are proud to be entering this market to provide our best possible cover for our best possible price.

    Car Insurance - motorway and trees

    What type of car insurance do I need?

    Your car insurance should match your needs at a price you can afford. The cheapest option might not always be the right one for you.

    You’ll need third party cover as a minimum. It’s compulsory, and you can’t legally drive without it. But exactly what you’re covered for depends on the type of policy you choose. Which insurance cover is best for you?

    There are 3 main types of car insurance available:

    Comprehensive car insurance

    Comprehensive car insurance (also known as Fully comp) is often the highest level of protection for your car. As well as covering third-party, fire and theft, with fully comprehensive car insurance you can claim for damages to your own car even if you were at fault.

    Third party, fire and theft

    Can sometimes (but not always) be cheaper than comprehensive car insurance. With third party, fire and theft, you are covered for damage to others and their vehicles and property. Your car is also covered if it is in a fire or stolen (or both). The difference between third party, fire and theft and comprehensive is that you will not be covered for damage to your own vehicle.

    Third party only

    This is generally considered to be the lowest level of cover for your car; and whilst the price is often the cheapest, this might not always be the case. With this level of cover, you are covered for damage to others and their vehicles and property only. If there is an incident in which your car is either stolen or damaged by fire, then you will not be able to claim with third party only cover.

    Who could Bennetts cover?

    We know that all drivers are different, and it is often the case that one policy does not fit all. Here at Bennetts, we strive to cater for drivers with different types of driving history. 

    High Performance Car Insurance

    It can be a big life moment when you are, at last, making that dream come true of owning a high-performance car. You may be pleasantly surprised how this needn’t necessarily translate into high costs of insurance (and if you are already a Bennetts Bike insurance customer you will receive an additional discount).

    High performance cars come in all shapes and sizes! They could include:

    • Italian Supercars
    • Iconic British marques
    • Reliable German sports cars
    • Hot Hatches
    • One-off builds
    • Japanese Imports

    If you are looking for car insurance and you own a high performance car; get a quote with Bennetts Car insurance today and you might be pleasantly surprised!

    Young Driver Car Insurance

    Passing your driving test is one of life’s real milestones, but without a driving history, young or new drivers can find arranging car Insurance a little daunting with the expectation of a high insurance premium.

    There are several options available to look to help you find a more affordable premium, including curfews, limited mileage, and security clauses. There are also flexible options for payment that could allow you to pay as you earn. Get a quote with Bennetts today and see how we can help you get insurance for your car.

    Classic Car Insurance

    In the same way that motorcyclists can often make the best drivers; we also appreciate that owners of classic vehicles often pamper and care for their vehicles with enthusiasm.

    We also know that classics cars are often garaged for months on end, and many don’t even come out on rainy days. That is not to say that we do not cover classic cars that are used more often, or even as a commuter. But, like motorcyclists, every driver has individual circumstances, and we will work closely with you to achieve the best quotes we can from our range of insurers.

    And, if you are also a motorcyclist, we will count this in your favour when providing a quote because, regardless of your choice of car, we believe motorcyclists do make the best drivers.

    Cover can include:

    • Agreed Value
    • Laid Up cover
    • Limited Mileage options
    • Discounts for Motorcyclists
    • Any age of vehicle considered
    • Additional drivers

    Get a quote with Bennetts today and get cover for your classic car!

    Convicted Driver Car Insurance

    If you have a conviction or points on your licence, it can sometimes be difficult getting car insurance and particularly insurance that is affordable.

    If you have been lucky, and if it were your first offence, you may have the choice of a speed awareness course instead of taking points. You must, of course, declare any points on your licence, speed awareness courses you have taken, and prosecutions in progress. But, having points needn’t have a huge impact on your insurance premiums, at least not for the more minor offences.

    We also look at when and how convictions took place. If your points could drop off your licence during your next annual policy, this could count in your favour. We will also look at your overall general driving record to ascertain if you had a single moment of madness or whether you have been a habitual offender.

    • Drink Driving Convictions
    • Minor SP30 offences
    • Dangerous and Reckless driving offences
    • Multiple Offences
    • Speed Awareness course attendance
    • Disputed prosecutions

    Get a quote with Bennetts today and see how we can help you get back on the road.


    Bennetts Car Insurance FAQ

    Bennetts, the motorcycle insurance specialists, announce the launch of ‘Bennetts Car’ - a car product leveraging the capacity and capabilities of their sister company Right Choice Insurance Brokers (Right Choice), part of the Lucida Group.

    Existing Bennetts Bike insurance policyholders can benefit from the expansion of the Bennetts branded product portfolio by receiving discounted rates on Bennetts Car insurance. But car insurance with Bennetts Car isn’t exclusive to Bennetts Bike policyholders or motorcyclists, quotations are open to new customers who need the product.

    All questions and contact about your car insurance policy should be directed to Bennetts Car insurance using the details below:

    Sales & Customer Service:

    Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 20:00

    Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00

    Sunday: Closed

    Bank Holidays: 09:00 – 17:00


    Sales: 03309 122 640

    Customer Care: 03309 122 641

    Renewals: 03309 122 642

    Claims: 03309 122 643




    Customer Service:


    Green Cards:


    Bennetts Car Insurance,
    St James House,
    27-43 Eastern Road,
    Romford, Essex,
    RM1 3NH

    We believe riders make better drivers and, as a Bennetts motorbike insurance customer, you will receive a discount on your Bennetts car insurance quote.

    Simply get a quote at Bennetts Car insurance and complete the section on current Bennetts Bike insurance customers to automatically have your discount deducted from your premium.

    If you are a BikeSocial member, you’ll already be used to getting more from motorcycling with access to hundreds of exclusive savings, discounts, competitions, events and experiences.

    Members will benefit on four wheels with an exclusive offer receiving £30 cashback on a Bennetts Car insurance policy.

    BikeSocial membership is free if you have purchased your motorcycle insurance directly from Bennetts or available as a separate 12-month subscription.

    If you’re not a member, you can join today for just £60 and then save £30 on your car insurance, effectively getting you a half price BikeSocial membership!

    Visit BikeSocial to buy a membership and immediately qualify for this offer.

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    Bennetts Car Insurance Services is arranged and administered by Right Choice Insurance Brokers Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 475620.

    Call for Bennetts Car Insurance

    Sales: 03309 122 640

    Claims: 03309 122 643

    Customer Services: 03309 122 641

    Sales & Customer Service:

    Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 20:00

    Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00

    Sunday: Closed

    Bank Holidays: 09:00 – 17:00

    Bennetts Car insurance is arranged and administered by Right Choice Insurance Brokers Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and part of the Lucida Group.