What is BikeSocial Membership?

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What was once known as ‘Bennetts Rewards’ has been renamed ‘BikeSocial Membership’ – and for those of you who have taken out an insurance policy directly with Bennetts either via bennetts.co.uk or over the ‘phone then you can proudly call yourself a ‘BikeSocial Member’ for FREE.

It’s an online club. A community of motorcycling fans who deserve access to more. That means you have complimentary access to the huge selection of benefits, offers, competitions and services to get more from motorcycling all available right here, including better track days, bespoke rider training, VIP access, discounted kit and security alongside those money-can’t-buy opportunities, including riding with the BikeSocial team and contributing to road tests. After all, it could only be one of our Members who got to ride Josh Brookes’ BSB Ducati recently!


What is BikeSocial Membership?
What can you expect from being a Member and who is entitled to access all of the offers, discounts and rewards for free?


I have a Bennetts policy, does that make me a BikeSocial Member?

Yes! You automatically qualify if you took your policy out by either speaking to us directly on the ‘phone or via Bennetts.co.uk – it’s FREE!


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What if I’m a Bennetts customer but via a price comparison site?

Then thank you for being with us and you can still enjoy the huge selection of benefits for just £60 per year and you can sign up right here.


I’m not a Bennetts customer at all, can I still become a BikeSocial Member?

Of course, you too can get all-year-round exclusives with an annual membership to BikeSocial for just £60.

At the time of writing there are 172 offers available, all split into easy to access categories. Have a browse to see if anything takes your fancy and you can soon make that £60 back again.

What are you waiting for?!


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