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ITV Sport to show MotoGP highlights?

Posted: 08 March 2014

Are ITV Sport set to show MotoGP highlights?

It looks like ITV Sport has bagged a deal to air MotoGP highlights throughout the 2014 season, despite it being announced last May that BT Sport had secured exclusive rights to the coverage of the World’s premier motorcycle racing series.

According to an F1 Broadcasting blog, highlights of each MotoGP race will be shown on ITV’s free-to-air digital channel, ITV4 on the Monday following each race. MotoGP will join a whole host of other motorsport content on channel, which already airs highlights of the British Superbike Championship and Isle of Man TT, plus live coverage of the British Touring Car Championship.

Last May, it was announced that BT Sport would be the sole MotoGP TV rights holder in the UK, sparking some unrest among racing fans unable to afford BT Sport’s monthly subscription fees. A similar situation occurred three years ago, when MotoGP rights holders Dorna awarded the BBC exclusive rights to air MotoGP in the UK but it eventually turned out digital sports channel, Eurosport would show the races on a one-hour delay. It had looked like such a deal would be impossible this time round, but this eleventh hour announcement will relieve those fans unwilling to subscribe to BT Sport.

30-day online TV guide, has highlights from the first round of MotoGP at Qatar listed on ITV4 between 20:00 and 21:00 on Monday 24th March, suggesting the deal is done.

MotoGP listed on ITV4

ITV, Dorna and BT Sport are yet to comment on the deal.

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  1. Rob


    That's the best piece of news I've heard this year ! MotoGP will only ever be a minority interest for BTSport, however good the coverage. Good for you ITV4 - bringing the sport back to the fans.
    Posted: 8 Mar 2014 By: Rob
  2. Shaun


    Please please show more racing than talking. With the commercials its limitied viewing. Great its not just BT. But the moto 2 & 3 are gunna be forgotten. Cheers Shaun
    Posted: 14 Mar 2014 By: Shaun
  3. Oli


    I find this pathetic! Moto gp is a minority sport as it is, so why make the people who want to watch it pay for it, half of them can't afford it! Also most of the people who do already pay for bt wont watch it because they didn't watch it when it was on bbc in the first place?! And then for those who can't watch it? What do we get? 1measly hour of highlights on a monday the day AFTER we've gone onto the internet to find out who has won, where is the excitement in that? So now Bt have successfully killed off motogp, well done! At least with f1 you could watch it on bbc! Absolutely pathetic!
    Posted: 23 Mar 2014 By: Oli
  4. Grant

    Moto gp highlights

    Well done sky tv, as I have every channel you offer at a healthy cost each month, you have now upset every biker who follows the moto gp, by letting a **** subscriber take over the coverage of the moto gp, after asking about this channel I have now been informed it will cost me more to get these channels.. "WHAT A SURPRISE EH!! " now we have to wait till a Monday night to view it on ITV4 after the results have been announced on the tv so were is the fun and excitement in that... So well done sky for ruining what's was a very exciting Sunday afternoons racing by throwing the rights away to these MUPPETS. Thanks again very angry biker......... Think it's time to cancel my sky package...
    Posted: 23 Mar 2014 By: Grant