RAC motorbike pre-season checklist

We’ve teamed up with RAC to make sure you’ve got everything ready for the new season.


Here’s 10 things to tick off before you're back on the road.



  1. Servicing – Don’t leave it to the last minute to get your motorbike serviced. March, April & May are the busiest times for the motorbike repair network, so book early to avoid disappointment (especially if you are planning to go touring at these times).


  2. Fuel – Hopefully when storing your motorbike over the winter months, you would have drained out the fuel or at least used a fuel stabiliser to extend the life & prevent the fuel becoming stale. However if this wasn’t the case, try using a forecourt high octane fuel, which will help offset the loss of octane from the old fuel.


  3. Checks – If you are a DIY’er then check the essentials: tyres, battery, chain adjustment & lubrication, lights, oils, coolant & brakes and cables. Always refer to your owner’s handbook regarding technical data and specifications.


  4. Legal requirements – Your motorbike has probably been off the road for 4 – 5 months so check that the Tax, MOT and insurance is still valid.


  5. Weather – Don’t forget it will still be cold in spring, so tyres will take time to heat up, if at all. There will also be the added hazards of slippy road surfaces, leaves, and low-lying sun.


  6. Clothing – Waterproofs are still an essential requirement, as well as helmet visor demisters, and winter gloves due to the chill factors at this time of year.


  7. Regain confidence – Take it easy on your first few journeys, to regain confidence, don’t forget it may have been some time since you last rode your motorbike. Do a couple of short local journeys first.


  8. Essentials – Always take a charged mobile phone with you, and check you have valid breakdown cover.


  9. Bike Health – Don’t forget to keep your bike in tip top condition, due to the wet weather in spring, your motorbike may need more frequent cleaning to prevent corrosion and other build ups of dirt.


  10. Cleaning – Never use a pressure washer to clean your motorbike. The high pressure water can get into electrical connectors and components. Also, it's one of the main reasons for damaging and shortening the life of the motorbike chain. This is due to the high pressure washing out all the lubricant from the chain links. After cleaning your bike, it is always good practice to lubricate and check correct adjustment of the chain.   


3 tips to help prevent motorbike breakdowns.




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