Cornering Confidence Training

New for 2019 – For full licence and CBT riders! 

Experience Cornering Confidence Training with California Superbike School – discounted price for Bennetts Policy Holders

Bennetts have teamed up with California Superbike School to offer Cornering Confidence Training days throughout 2019. Whether you are an experienced rider looking to refine your technique or new to riding and eager to learn – the course, supported by the California Superbike School’s team of coaches, is designed to help you improve.


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What you can expect


The off-track course is designed to improve motorcyclists on-road riding techniques by helping to overcome common control errors. The day includes technical seminars which cover off turn entry, coordinating throttle and lean, looking into the turn and much more.

There are 4 x 20-minute sessions to practice what you have learned, with on hand support from the California Superbike School team of coaches.

In addition, between riding, you will also have a practice session of Steering Drill, which is part of the world-renowned California Superbike School full training days. The coach will spend time with every person to explain the drill and observe you practicing.

Coaches are available throughout the day if you have any questions, and light refreshments are provided.

Training takes place at various venues throughout the year – see below for all the details including the Cornering Confidence Training schedule.


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Available for All Riders – both full licence and CBT.


Cornering Confidence Training days are available for all riders. The full days training – from 11.30am to 5pm is available at the following costs:


£99 - Exclusive Bennetts Rewards member price (just enter your policy number at the checkout) 

£125 for all other riders 



Dates – Book here

Please note training is OFF TRACK at all venues


 Date  Venue  Booking available 6 weeks before event
8th July 2019 Donington Park BOOK
22nd July 2019 Oulton Park BOOK
19th August 2019 Bedford Autodrome BOOK
19th September 2019 Donington Park BOOK



Cornering Confidence Academy Schedule



 Time  Activity   Activity
11.00am Student arrival and registration  
11.30am -11.45am Safety briefing  
11.45am -12.30pm Technical Seminar  
12.30pm -12.50pm Session 1, Inc. sighting lap - White Group Steering Drills
12.50pm - 1.10pm Session 1, Inc. sighting lap - Yellow Group Steering Drills
1.10pm - 1.30pm Session 1, Inc. sighting lap - Green Group Steering Drills
1.30pm - 1.50pm Session 2 - White Group Steering Drills
1.50pm - 2.10pm Session 2 - Yellow Group Steering Drills
2.10pm - 2.30pm Session 2 - Green Group
Steering Drills
2.30pm - 3.00pm Short break for questions and feedback  
3.00pm - 3.20pm Session 3 - White Group Steering Drills
3:20pm - 3.40pm Session 3 - Yellow Group Steering Drills
3:40pm - 4.00pm Session 3 - Green Group Steering Drills
4:00pm - 4.20pm Session 4 - White Group  Steering Drills
4:20pm - 4.40pm Session 4 - Yellow Group  Steering Drills
4:40pm - 5.00pm Session 4 - Green Group  Steering Drills
5.00pm End of day wrap up and completion certificate  




About California Superbike School

Founded by the legendary Keith Code in 1980, the California Superbike School offers a step-by-step method of technique oriented rider training in the art of cornering motorcycles - it is the number one technique oriented riding school in all the worldwide locations they operate.

California Superbike School UK is the first specialist on-track rider training provider in the UK to be awarded ‘Gold Standard’ accreditation by the MCIAC (Motorcycle Industry Association Accreditation Centre), under a new framework to recognise the facilitation of structured on-track rider training and consultancy services to the Motorcycle Rider Training Industry.