Keis X25 Sleeved Heated Jacket

Author: Iggy Grainger Posted: 26 Dec 2013

Keis X25 Sleeved Heated Jacket

If you ride all year round, or regularly do long journeys and haven’t sampled heated clothing before it’s about time you did! It will transform the way you think about winter riding, it’s like getting into a comfy bed after an electric blanket has been warming it nicely.

This Keis heated jacket is also stylish enough to wear off the bike, although it is a bit heavier than an ordinary fleece due to the internal wiring and heating elements. It uses Micro Alloy Element Technology to provide heat to the chest, kidney, arms and collar. It also has wiring built in to allow it to connect to Keis heated trousers and gloves, which is better than having loads of trailing wires.

Connecting to the bike is easy too, the wiring harness can be wired directly to the battery, or you can use the optional 12v connection (£18.99) to connect to a cigarette lighter socket.

The jacket costs £169.99 and for a limited time you also receive a free three position heat controller worth £29.99.

Whether you’re a high mileage rider or a daily commuter a heated jacket is worth its weight in gold. The comforting warmth it provides makes cold weather riding a pleasurable experience and even stops my fingers going cold thanks to the blood being warmed from the core before getting pumped to the extremities. Use your Christmas money wisely and invest in one… you won’t regret it!


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