Gerbing Heated Liner Jacket 12V Review

Kane Dalton
By Kane Dalton

Club, Endurance and Isle of Man racer, been riding bikes since 1970 something, got the bug sitting on the back of my dad’s 400 Four. First ride was an Italjet followed by RM80 and YZ125 dirt bikes, current bikes range from agricultural to exotic. Writing about bikes for four years.

Gerbing 12V Heated Liner Jacket

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

I have had this 12V heated jacket for three months, I picked it up just before the weather turned and I am now a full convert to heated clothing. I have been wearing my jacket off the bike too. I recently took it to the slopes where it was worn in sub zero conditions and I was warm as toast without the need for bulky extra layers. 

It is possible to connect to the bike but I usually run it off its own battery, which means it’s with me on any motorcycle and I don’t have to fuss about disconnecting myself when I get off.

The jacket comes with a remote control with three heat settings. 

Gerbing battery pack charger remote control

On maximum it lasts approximately two hours. Turn it down to medium and it still makes winter rides much more pleasant but lasts up to five hours or more – basically as long as I ever usually need. I carry the charger with me and put the battery on charge at the end of my commute.

Gerbing recommend connecting the jacket to the bike for the most efficient power delivery and to eliminate the chance of being caught out with a flat battery. If you only ride one bike, then that would be the best option.

The jacket liner has a unique heating system allowing you to wear your existing outerwear while providing an even distribution of warmth throughout the body.

With heat pads on the chest, back, collar and sleeves, it makes a huge difference on my 160-mile commute. Wearing an insulating outer layer increases the performance by retaining more heat.

The liner also has a water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® insulation soft shell.

Gerbing wiring loom 12v

I had heated grips on my commuting bike, but they failed. So I bought the Gerbing heated gloves a year ago, which also have the battery and lead options. I went for the battery option again, as it allows me to use them on multiple bikes. You can also connect the gloves to the jacket and run everything through one circuit, which is handy.

There are built in sleeve plugs to enable Gerbing gloves to be directly fitted to the liner and there are pockets in the sleeves to secure the power plugs when not in use.

If you go for the battery option (+£180) you will need the rechargeable 12V 8 Amps Lithium- Ion battery, which has built in microprocessor technology. There is a power level indicator ranging from 0-9.

The key ring remote control has three settings and having a remote saves fiddling about with a controller (usually located on an inside pocket) and it is easy to use with gloves. There is an option for a single or dual controller when attached to the bike. The single allows you to adjust the heat to the jacket. The dual allows you to control the heat levels on other components like the gloves.  

The battery is larger than you might expect, weighing 600g, and comes with a neoprene pocket and belt. I find it uncomfortable wearing two belts so tend to hang the pocket off the one in my jeans. My own belt buckle feels more secure than the plastic buckle on the belt supplied. I have also carried it in a pocket but it is more comfortable on the belt.  

The jacket works best with two piece suits; you can’t wear jacket under a one piece unless you can find a way of running the power lead from under the suit to the battery. 

Gerbing 12V Heated Liner Jacket

What impresses most about this jacket is performance, it keeps you warm regardless of how Arctic the temperature is. And the gloves mean that the days where I lose control of my fingers and use my entire hand on the brake or clutch are gone.

In terms of functionality, the jacket is great. I have used a number of body warmers in the past but this jacket warms your arms and neck too.

Price: £189.99 excluding battery

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