Datatool Croc Lock reviewed

Author: Ian Kerr Posted: 07 Feb 2014

Croc Lock

Croc Lock is physical security device from Datatool who have been involved in providing security for motorcycles for a large number of years. In many ways it is not a new or revolutionary idea; it is just a thoroughly modern version of a previous idea using modern materials to further enhance its security capability.

In simple terms Croc Lock works by locking the front brake lever to the handlebar of any machine, thus preventing the vehicle from being pushed off its stand and wheeled away. It is far more visible than a disc lock, easier to install and impossible to forget, thus reducing the risk of damage or causing embarrassing moments!

The body is made from virtually unbreakable glass reinforced nylon, which in itself is tough and durable as well as weather resistant. Embedded within the casing are hardened steel inserts designed to destroy hacksaw blades and whole unit is designed to resist attack from impact.

At one end is a stainless steel hinge as are the locating pins for weather durability; while at the other is an anti-drill, anti-pick lock barrel with 50,000 key combinations. Two flat-blade laser cut anti-pick keys are provided, with the whole unit weighing just 330g (11.05oz) and thanks to the compact dimensions (15cm long x 4.5cm x 5cm) it will easily fit in a jacket or fairing pocket.

The highly visible unit is just opened and clipped around the twist grip size and brake lever, either in the off or applied position, and the lock pushed into place. Removal requires the key and thanks to its position and bright colour (test unit in yellow) you can’t ride off with it still in place as it also locks the twist grip thanks to the rubber insert. (Additional rubbers are provided to deal with heated grips.)

If you would prefer, thanks to its design it can be used on the clutch lever and like the brake you adjust the desired position of the lever when you lock it on. The manufacturers claim that the unit fits 95% of all motorcycles with twist grip sizes from 27-38mm diameter and the four diverse bikes I have used it on tend to suggest that that is a pretty accurate claim.

The unit is robust and easy to use and looks as if it will stand a reasonably brutal attack. Unless a disc cutter is used, too much force used on it could break the lever before the Croc Lock gives way making it dangerous to ride the bike, thus having done its job.

It almost goes without saying that the unit will not prevent a bike being lifted into a van, but as an easily carried and highly visible deterrent it is an excellent short term device to be used when say just nipping into a shop or added to others for long term use. Like any security device, it will deter the casual thief and send them onto an unprotected machine, leaving yours safe.

Certainly my practical test has shown that its ease of use ensures you regularly make use of it and it has weathered well in the current extreme weather conditions. Given the retail price is just £29.99, it provides quite a high standard of security meaning that it is a real steal, or hopefully not! (Pun intended)

Available from all good motorcycle shops or direct from Datatool at