Triumph Daytona 675R Review

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Posted: 27 Oct 2011

Adding Ohlins suspension to a bike has long been the quick-fix path to creating an uprated ‘R’ model. The Italians have been doing it for years and in 2011 Triumph joined the game with the Daytona 675R. Essentially the R is a stock 675 with Ohlins suspension and upgraded Brembo brakes. Add to this a quickshifter, carbon details and a unique paint scheme and the 675R starts to sound quite a potent package. Triumph bill it as ‘the ultimate trackday tool’, which gives a clear indication as to where the R is aimed. Make no mistake, the 675R is a no compromise sportsbike, and as such has some superb points, but also a few negative ones.

On track the 675R is stunning. The standard bike is impressive but the R version raises the bar thanks to the quality of its suspension. The level of feedback and assurance delivered by the Ohlins forks is remarkable, driving the tyres into the tarmac for grip, while the lovely spread of torque from the triple engine delivers power in a non-aggressive way without the need to be constantly searching for the redline. It may ‘only’ be a supersport bike, but the R can easily embarrass larger machines through the bends thanks to its light handling and assured feel.

On the road the Daytona has the usual sportsbike issues. It’s a bit cramped for taller riders and feels miniscule, but what do you expect from a machine designed to win on track? You get what you pay for and when it comes to price there is a nice surprise with the Triumph.

The 675R costs £1,500 more than the stock bike and when you look at the cost of the individual upgrade parts that makes the R excellent value. It’s a pretty firm ride as standard, but the quality and adjustability that the Ohlins suspension provides means that this is soon dialled out, leaving you with a British thoroughbred for road or track.

+ points – Stunning track handling, price
- points – Firm ride, comfort

Price: £9,999
Power: 124bhp, 53ft.lbs
Weight: 185kg
Seat height: 830mm
Colours: White

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