BMW HP2 Sport (2007-11) - Future Classics

Author: Bike Social Posted: 10 Feb 2015

BMW's HP2 - A future classic

BMW motorcycles tend to resist depreciation fairly well, however none have achieved it better than the HP2 Sport. Originally costing £14,500 in 2007, eight years later you will struggle to find a good one for less than this original figure. Why? Quite simply, the HP2 Sport is the coolest boxer-engined model BMW have ever made. In fact, it’s arguably the coolest bike that has ever rolled out of Germany.

There are several reasons why riders go all weak at the knees when talking about the HP2 Sport. For a start this is the bike that launched BMW Motorrad onto the world scene. Ok, before it there were the various BMW Boxer Cup replicas and the one make series that accompanied the MotoGP circus from 1999 to 2005, but the HP2 wasn’t a tarted up road bike like the Cup, it was something far more exclusive.

Originally making its debut in the 2007 World Endurance series, this ‘special’ R1200S was run by BMW Motorrad Motorsport against the likes of R1s and GSX-R1000s. No one really knew what BMW were up to, or what was behind this boxer’s rocker covers, but the truth didn’t take long to emerge. In late 2007 BMW revealed the HP2 Sport, the third model in its High Performance range behind the Megamoto and Enduro. And they didn’t pull any punches.

It lacked power but handled well

The headline feature on the Sport was its boxer engine. For the first time in the company’s history, BMW had built a double overhead cam boxer motor. Not a great technological shock to any other engine manufacturer in the world, but quite a jump for BMW. Then, to showcase this new generation of motor, BMW threw everything they had at the HP2 Sport to create the most powerful boxer ever with a claimed 130bhp and 84.9lb.ft of torque. But the engine was only the start…

The thing that really set the HP2 Sport aside from any other production BMW was the level of attention and detail lavished on it. BMW refused to cut any corners and as well as full Ohlins suspension the Sport came with carbon bodywork, Brembo brakes (with ABS, naturally), a quickshifter, WSB-spec dash, forged aluminium wheels, a close ratio gearbox, forged pistons and possibly the sexiest top yoke ever fitted to a production bike. BMW even confessed that there was a single man in the Munich factory tasked with milling each and every top yoke by hand, that’s how trick the HP2 Sport was. The price tag might have been steep, but the HP2 Sport was the first BMW that made sportsbike riders stop and stare in envy. Which was kind of its role in life…

As well as the simply exquisite design and engineering, and the fact the Sport remains the most powerful boxer ever built as the new water-cooled models only make 124bhp, the HP2 Sport should be celebrated because it gave BMW the confidence to build the S1000RR. Arguably, if the Sport had flopped then BMW’s management might have decided that sportsbikes weren’t for them and that would have been a disaster. However there is another reason to seriously consider buying an HP2 Sport right now. BMW knows the value of limited edition models and after the success of the HP4, and the fact they have a water-cooled boxer motor and a chassis built for inverted forks ready to go in the new R1200R, you have to assume there will be a water-cooled HP2 Sport in the very near future. When this happens the prices of the old air-cooled model are virtually guaranteed to spike as interest in this awesome boxer is reignited. Not that it ever really went out…


Engine: Air-cooled, 8v, boxer twin

Power: 130bhp @ 8,750rpm

Torque: 84.9lb.ft @ 6,000rpm

Weight: 178kg

Original price: £14,500

Ask the experts: - One of the UK’s best BMW dealerships and the one that BMW UK choose to run their press demonstrator fleet from. They ran an HP2 for several years and know them inside and out. - A forum dedicated not only to the Sport, but also the other HP2 models the Megamoto and Enduro.