Third fastest Crutchlow not 'completely comfortable'

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 25 Feb 2015

Crutchlow was third fastest

Cal Crutchlow finished third fastest in this week’s MotoGP test in Sepang and insists he’s got more to give ahead of the 2015 season kicking off in Qatar.

Despite a rusty start at the first test, Crutchlow made consistent progress on his CWM FX LCR Honda throughout the second three-day test to finish off just 0.543 Marc Marquez’ fastest lap.

“It’s my fastest lap around here by nearly eight tenths of a second,” Crutchlow said after the session. “I actually felt I never pushed to my maximum. I made a couple of mistakes and know I lost four tenths, but that’s part of racing and I’m sure the other guys on their laps made some mistakes as well.”

While Crutchlow’s one-lap pace was strong, the Brit says he struggled with braking issues, similar to those suffered by Marquez on Monday, in his longer runs. 

Crutchlow says he's got more to give

“I had some big problems on my long run, simply because we don’t have any braking power, the same as Marc had on day one. The brake lever is coming back and it’s really inconsistent. One corner is fine and the next corner you brake and there is no [pressure until the lever is near the handlebar] and then you run out of brake because you need to squeeze it more. It’s exactly the same as Marc had. Initially when you brake there is no brake. Then it starts to brake after…It happened yesterday now and again. It seems to be worse with longer runs.”

Keen not to get carried away, Crutchlow admits that he doesn’t feel 100% comfortable with Honda’s RC213V and recognises there’s still more work to be done.

“Just because we’ve gone not too bad today doesn’t mean we are there and that I’m completely comfortable and confident,” he explained. We’ve done a not to bad job and worked through what we’ve got, but we keep going back to the same setting.

“I feel ok on that setting but we need to improve and if we go away from the setting we are on that’s what I have some more problems. I still do decent lap times but don’t feel so comfortable.”