Video: Mugen's electric TT bike being fired up!

Michael Mann - Web Editor, Bike Social
By Michael Mann
MannOnABike Web editor of Bike Social. Been riding bikes since he was four-years-old. Fast and smooth road rider, just about hangs on in a track day quick group.

We were invited to join Mugen at Castle Combe this week as they tested their TT Zero bike, know as the Shinden 3, in preparation for the Isle of Man TT.

In this video Colin Whittamore, Mugen's UK Project Manager, shows us some of the bike's detail including the upgrades over the 2013 version, the Shinden 2. The bike is then started - turn your speakers up - as the engineer runs through several engine maps in preparation for Bruce Anstey's first run.

John McGuinness is Mugen's other rider for the TT Zero race where the expectation is for the team to increase the current average lap speed from 109.675mph set last year by Michael Rutter on the Motoczysz bike up by more than 5mph.

Read our behind-the-scenes report on Mugen's test here.

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