Ian Lougher speaks to BikeSocial from the Classic TT

Posted: 21 Aug 2013

Nine-time TT winner Ian Lougher announced he would be retiring from TT racing after this year's event. However, the veteran road racer couldn't stay away from the island for too long, he's currently there participating in the Bennetts Classic TT. We caught up with him to see how he's getting on.

What are you riding at the Classic TT?
I’m riding a Royal Enfield 500 single owned by Steve Linsdell, it’s the only bike I’m riding as I’ve got to go back to England on Saturday after the race as I run a BSB team so I’ve got to get to Cadwell.

How is practice going?
It was ok, I think we were fourth last night on the single and it’s been going good. I think we did a 104.7mph lap last night so it’s looking good!

How hard to you push in a Classic race?
You’re still pushing fairly hard but it’s in a different sort of manner. Obviously it’s not the sort of bike I’m riding all the time so it’s very different to the bikes I’d usually ride on the roads but you are still riding fairly hard. It’s more of an enjoyable, flowing natured bike, not so fast and you have to use more of the road in more of a flowing style.

You announced your retirement from TT racing this year, is the Classic something you will continue with?
Yeah I’ll continue with the Classic TT, I’ve said that’s the only thing I will do. I guess it depends on how much I enjoy this and at the moment I’m loving it so I probably will. The only thing is I’ve got to keep racing to get the license, as you need to do six meetings a year so I’ll have to do a couple of meetings just to get keep that up but I think you can get two signatures from the Manx Grand Prix alone and then I’ll have to look at other meetings to get the license!

Why is it important for you to celebrate the history of the Classic TT?
It’s something that needs to be kept going. With all the health and safety rules in the world we live in now, it’s nice to be able to go out and enjoy something that you can live on the edge with! I think it’s important to keep that going as in many years to come if it was to slide by and not exist then we’d end up forgetting all about it.

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