BSB bosses alter no remounting rule

Author: Bike Social Sports Reporter Posted: 16 Sep 2014

Brookes crashed out on the sighting lap

British Superbike bosses have altered regulations to allow riders to remount their machines should they fall off on the sighting or warm up lap providing it has not hit a barrier.

Rules introduced in the 2012 season banned riders in all classes from remounting should they lose contact with their bike during any session, including races, in order to avoid damaged machines contaminating the circuit. This rule was recently brought into question when Josh Brookes crashed on the sighting lap of second race at Cadwell Park.

Having only slipped off, Brookes jumped back on his Milwaukee Yamaha R1 and continued his sighting lap before taking his place on the grid. The Aussie subsequently disqualified from the race for breaking the no remounting rule despite there being no damage to his machine.

The newly announced exception to the no remounting rule, effective in the Supersport and Superbike classes only, permits riders who fall on the sighting or warm up to remount their machine after a trackside inspection to return to pit lane for further scrutineering. Once cleared by technical control, the rider may exit the pit lane if the sighting lap period is still in progress, if it is not they must start the race from the back of the grid or pit lane.

The full statement reads:

In the BSB (Superbike) and BSS (Supersport) classes only, in the event of a rider falling

from their machine during any of the sighting laps or warm up lap(s), i.e. prior to the start

of race, and provided the machine has not made contact with a barrier, it may be possible for

the rider to remount and continue back to the pit lane, PROVIDED that the following

procedure is respected.

1. After the crash, and before continuing, the machine must be inspected by the

marshals, including the chief marshal of the section who will make a determination

and report the situation by radio to the Race Director.

2. Subject to approval being granted by the Race Director, who will take into account

the report of the marshal, the location of the incident and any risk to delaying the start

of race – the rider may remount and continue around the circuit and ENTER THE PIT

LANE, keeping off of the racing line.

3. Once the rider has reached the pit lane/pit box, further repairs may be carried out

under the supervision of a technical official. Once cleared by technical control the

rider may exit the pit lane if the sighting laps period is still in progress, or else start

the warm up lap from the pit lane in which case the rider will start the race from the

back of the grid, or start the race from the pit lane exit. The last option to start the

race from the pit lane exit expires when the leader crosses the finish line to complete

the first racing lap.

4. The decision of the Race Director and instructions of the marshals is final. Penalties

will be applied for disregarding these and any actions that prejudice safety or the

start procedure.

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