BMW's 2014 motorcycles ridden in UK

Ride one of these this weekend. We did.
The sun's out, the roads are dry and BMW dealers are celebrating with their New Season Launch weekend which kicks off tonight.

This weekend sees the nationwide launch of BMW’s new 2014 range and we took the opportunity to test the four new BMW models, if you're quick you can do the same and book yourself a test ride.

Plus, if you get yourself a test ride as part of the BMW New Season Launch you could win yourself one of four places on a trip to BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch with BMW Tours, and get the use of a BMW motorcycle for three months.

If you’re quick and get to your local BMW dealer tomorrow you can book yourself a test ride on one of the new bikes including the BMW S1000R, the BMW R1200RT, the all-new BMW GS Adventure, and the much-hyped RnineT, this weekend.

We were invited by Wollaston BMW in Northampton the day before the launch to get a quick first ride on the whole new range of BMWs in the UK. Here’s our first impressions of the bikes on UK roads.

Make sure you get along to your local BMW dealership this weekend and get yourself a ride, and if you’re near Northampton take a spin on the bikes we tested.

The 2014 GS Adventure
2014 BMW GS Adventure: £12,600 in standard spec

The GS Adventure is based on the partly liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS launched in 2013 but in Adventure spec now features 20mm taller suspension, a 30-litre tank (21 litres on the standard bike), crash bars, full luggage with the TE (Touring Edition model) and styling changes including engine protectors and a new nose.

Bike Social’s Marc Potter tested the bike on UK roads, he said: “I’ve owned various versions of the GS and Adventure over the years, but this is the most amazing GS Adventure yet. Forget the weight once you get moving and the bike can be hauled around. The 125bhp motor makes light work of the 260kg it’s carrying when fully-fuelled and the nature of the torquey motor suits the bigger Adventure perfectly. It has a different crank to the standard bike and that helps it hit harder from the bottom-end. In fact the liquid-cooled motor works better with this bike than the standard one, I'd say. It’s the kind of bike you can sit on all day, and with a tank range that hits 300-miles, you can cover some serious ground. Now we need one on test for a run up to Scotland I have planned!

Potter added: "The suspension is electronically-controlled and on the pot-hole strewn roads of Northamptonshire the Adventure takes the stress out of the road surfaces, yet firms up nicely in Sport mode when you want to push on a bit.”

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BMW'S RnineT
2014 BMW RnineT: £11,600

BMW first unveiled a Cafe Racer concept at the 2012 Milan Motorcycle Show and it looked hard. The concept may have been diluted slightly with the production R Nine T, but in the metal it’s still stunning.

The bike is a stripped-back Cafe Racer built to celebrate 90 years of BMW and within weeks of it being announced BMW sold most of them. Spend any time with it and you can see why. The 1170cc Boxer engine makes a great sound and in the metal the detailing of the bike is way beyond anything you’ll see in pictures. Go and have a look at one this weekend.

Bike Social’s Marc Potter said: “The R Nine T is a real modern classic and will undoubtedly be a bike worth hanging on to in the future as it’s sure to rise in value. To ride it’s great and feels way lighter and more agile than the 222kg and rest of the spec sheet might suggest. In fact the motor hardly needs revving at all as it's so strong from the bottom-end. It’s the kind of bike that takes things down to their simplest level. Just chuck a leather jacket on and ride. I’d love to own one.”

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BMW R1200RT action
2014 BMW R1200RT: £13,200 in standard trim
The BMW R1200RT is never going to excite you at a standstill but it’s one of the most accomplished tourers on the road. In the new 1170cc liquid-cooled guise it’s smoother and better for travelling long distances than ever before.

It’s a big bike at 274kg fully-fuelled but again, like the GS Adventure once you’re on the move the weight mostly disappears.

Bike Social’s Marc Potter said: “If you wanted to jump on one bike to get 300-miles away and arrive feeling refreshed then the RT is the one. It’ massively improved with the new motor and although it’s never going to be exciting, the RT is the ultimate expression of pure German efficiency.”

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BMW's S 1000 R is one of our favourite bikes of 2014
2014 BMW S 1000 R (£9990 for standard bike, £11,390 for Sport)

The naked version of the loony tunes S1000RR sports bike is a 160bhp super lightweight nutter of a naked bike. The 996cc, 16-valve inline four-cylinder motor makes more low-down torque than its sports bike brother and that means you get acceleration like you wouldn’t believe. Tweak the traction control and it’s a whole handful of a motorcycle even for experienced riders. We absolutely love it.

Bike Social’s Marc Potter said: “We knew from the launch that the S 1000 R was a blast, but in the UK it’s an absolute hoot, and dare I say it, one of the best bikes on the road today. It's hilarious. A totally usable superbike that doesn't need 193bhp. 160bhp is just fine, thank you! You hardly miss the 33bhp or so removed from the S1000RR to make it into the naked bike. 160bhp is more than enough, but more than anything it’s the way it delivers the power. It’s totally explosive. We made the mistake of turning off the anti-wheelie and traction control and in third gear it was trying to smack us in the face as the front wheel came up. And in fourth come to think of it. It’s bonkers and I absolutely love it."

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