Help create the largest poppy on Remembrance Sunday

Help create the largest Poppy by joining a ride around the M25 on Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 10th November is Remembrance Sunday and it could be an historic one because ambitious plans to create the world’s largest poppy involving 15,000 motorcyclists have resulted in a call-out to as many riders as possible to join in with the ‘Ring Around The M25’.

Motorcyclists who are within reach of the M25 are encouraged to wear a red t-shirt whilst riding clockwise from their chosen junction, slip road or services to from what is from an aerial perspective, a giant poppy.

An M25 shaped poppyOrganiser Julia Stevenson aims to raise money and awareness for the Royal British Legion who help support veterans, families of those who gave their lives for this country and serving soldiers.

Julia told Bike Social, “It’s hopefully going to be huge, we have the national press involved and have even contacted Google Earth to see if they can take an image.  The more bikers we have, the bigger impact we will make. Awareness is everything and coming together for a great cause is something we bikers do best.”

The motorway that circles London measures 117 miles and the organisers have calculated that by leaving one bike length between each bike will firstly create as little disruption to the M25’s flow and mean that 15,000 bikes are required to leave their designated or chosen junction at 12.30pm on Sunday 10th November to form the giant poppy.

Riders are encouraged to register which of the 36 junctions/services/slip roads they will be at. Marshalls will be in radio contact at every junction and throughout the ride to ensure the spread of bikes is even.

The time is deliberate to allow those who wish to observe the 2 minute silence at 11am.

The event is listed on Bike Social so those with a profile can add their support by clicking here.

Otherwise, you can visit the Facebook page for the event  or follow the Twitter page @M25Poppy