Car manufacturers launch hybrids

Peugeot's Onyx. They make great scooters so this could be good. Not sure about the bronze paint though.
Two of the world’s top car manufacturers showed bike/car hybrids at the Geneva Motor Show press day yesterday.

Peugeot wheeled out the Peugeot Onyx, a plug-in three wheel electric and petrol hybrid which is meant to give riders (or is it drivers?) a fuel range of 2 litres per 100km. Quite impressive if true.

The riding position is adjustable for town so it’s upright for riding slowly in the city and a more laid down approach for the motorway. The hybrid was also shown at the Milan Motorcycle Show back in November.
Toyota's iRoad concept. I'd Rather not myself, but that's just my opinion!
In keeping with the car/bike theme, Toyota launched the iRide, an electric three wheeler with a canopy that leans through corners using clever electronics to keep the body upright. Not sure we’re going to see one down the Wednesday night bike meet, but we thought you’d like to see it anyway.

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