Ride to Work Day UK

Posted: 17 Jun 2013

Today (Monday 17th June) is National Ride to Work Day. Riders across the country have been encouraged to opt for the two-wheeled method of transport on their daily commute to the workplace.

Bike-related employers, such as Bennetts, offered those who commuted on motorcycles a free bacon sandwich, while some motorcycle dealers offered free refreshments to those on two-wheels during their lunch hour.

The idea behind Ride to Work Day is to promote motorcycling as a mode of transport, according to the Motorcycling Industry Association (MCIA). MCIA point out that if more people travel to work on two-wheels, the roads will be less congested as bikes take up much less space. Also if you’re lucky enough to live in a city such as Birmingham, Bristol, Bath or Reading, motorcycles are permitted to use bus lanes, reducing congestion further. What’s more, those who ride enjoy riding, so arrive at work with a smile on their face. Why not try it?

The MCIA suggest that riding to work is more enjoyable and that's what commuter Neal Taylor found, he rode to work and back and took his wife for a spin afterwards, saying it was the "perfect day". Peter Foster said riding is more fun than driving, even if it's raining. Some of our readers seemed to enjoy it a little too much, Jules Barker said he got to work and felt like going straight past his office for a ride in the countryside and David Kitson turned a ten minute walk into a thirty mile commute! It looks as though some people are convinced though, Mike Lowther sold his car on Friday so every day from now on will be Ride to Work day!

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