Ally Pally postponed…

Posted: 02 Apr 2013

The annual Ally Pally show has been postponed until 7-8 September. The event was due to kick-off on Saturday 20 April, but reasons for the postponement, were cited “due to circumstances beyond the organisers’ control”.

It seems that the organisers aren’t to blame, and the postponing of the event is due to the previously committed major motorcycle manufacturers, including Kawasaki, Honda and Triumph, now holding open days and their own events over the same weekend.

“While we did have commitment from some of the major manufacturers we felt this was not sufficient for us to put on the kind of show we wanted to organise or indeed actually did organise in Manchester last weekend. We could have carried on with the event and doing so would have saved us many thousands of pounds in lost advertising but we felt that the correct decision for the long term future of The Ally Pally London Motorcycle Show was to postpone until Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September, a date when the key exhibitors would be able to attend.”

Organisers will need to be careful as if the event is held too close to the end of the year, it may clash with some of Europe’s other big annual motorcycle events… 

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