Lorenzo rides an R1 on the road!

Posted: 17 Dec 2012

Lorenzo on the streets of Bangkok on a Yamaha R1
Yes, that is 2012 MotoGP World Champion riding a Yamaha R1 on the road.

The current champ rode a standard Yamaha R1 on the streets of Bangkok as part of his appearance at the Race of Champions where stars from the world of motorsport race head-to-head in a variety of race cars on a stadium lined with grippy asphalt.

7-times world champion Mick Doohan also made an appearance to fly the flag for bikes, but was knocked out before the semi-finals. He did however beat Lorenzo along the way!
Lorenzo meets F1 champ Sebastian Vettel, who later beat him in a heat
In another heat Lorenzo was beaten by Sebastian Vettel, current F1 champion. France’s F1 driver Romain Grosjean took the overall victory.

Maybe we should set up the biking equivalent of Race of Champions and see how those dirty car drivers fare then? Anyone up for it?

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