Councils increase spending on road repairs - Have you noticed?

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 15 Jan 2016

Potholes are a nightmare for motorcyclists

County councils across England have increased spending on pothole repair and road maintenance over the last 24 months.

According to research conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 17 out of 23 county councils have increased spending on road maintenance since 2013.

This comes after years of slashed funding led to a backlog of repairs worth £12 billion among many complaints from motorists about deteriorating road conditions.

The IAM submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to councils asking how much they spent on fixing problems such as potholes and capital projects to resurface roads between 2013 and 2015.

The findings show many councils are spending less on filling potholes but a significant chunk are investing more in more substantial road repairs and resurfacing.

Three county councils increased spending on road repairs by over 40%, including Oxfordshire County Council who boosted spending by a whopping 139% between 2014 and 2015.

The top five councils for increasing capital spending on resurfacing roads the most, in percentage terms, are:

  1. Oxfordshire – 139% increase from £4.6 million to £11 million
  2. Cambridgeshire – 85% increase from £10.5 million to £19.4 million
  3. Norfolk – 45% increase from £19 million to £27.6 million
  4. Leicestershire – 43% increase from £7.5 million to £10.7 million
  5. West Sussex – 38% increase from £19.5 million to £27 million

In terms of total spend, the top five councils for spending on road re-surfacing are:

  1. Surrey - £44 million
  2. North Yorkshire - £43.9 million
  3. Cumbria - £33.5 million
  4. Devon - £32 million
  5. Lincolnshire - £30.2 million

The top five councils to increase spending in temporary pothole repairs are:

  1. West Sussex – 57% increase from £1.4 million to £2.2 million
  2. Nottinghamshire – 28% increase from £2.6 million to £3.2 million
  3. Norfolk – 23% increase from £2.6 million to £3.2 million
  4. Devon – 21% increase from £4.9 million to £5.9 million
  5. Dorset – 15% increase from £2.6 million to £3.2 million

With the following councils spending the most.

  1. Kent - £7.6 million
  2. Devon - £5.98 million
  3. Gloucestershire - £5.93 million
  4. Cumbria - £5.4 million
  5. Surrey - £4.88 million

While some councils, such as West Sussex, are increasing spending on both road resurfacing and dealing with potholes on the short term, the IAM’s research found that 8 out of 21 councils are spending less on fixing potholes in order to focus on the longer-term road repairs.

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