TRAILER: Guy Martin's landspeed record attempt

Author: Oli Rushby Posted: 16 Jul 2015

Guy Martin will attempt to break the motorcycle landspeed world record next month on a 1000bhp Triumph-powered streamliner.

Like nothing he’s ever tried before, Martin’s latest speed challenge will be broadcast in a special Channel 4 documentary in September this year.

A speed of 377mph will see the likeable Lincolnshireman crowned the fastest man on two-wheels and see Triumph reclaim a record previously held by the Hinckley-based manufacturer for almost 15 years.

The attempt will take place at the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah between 23rd and 27th August.

The Triumph Rocket Streamliner features a carbon kevlar monocoque construction and is powered by two turbocharged Rocket III motors, producing an incredible 1000bhp.

While testing hasn’t gone to plan for Triumph so far, they hope the introduction of a rider with the calibre of Martin will increase their chances.

The existing motorcycle landspeed record, held by Rocky Robinson, sits at 376.363mph. 


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