MotoGP, Catalunya & IOM TT

Posted: 04 Jun 2012

What a weekend…

With the IOM TT in full flow and the MotoGP taking place in Catalunya it was another fun-filled weekend with plenty of shocks and surprises.

The crews at the IOM TT were super speedy, which prompted the #givethecrewssomecredit hashtag after they made up 5 seconds for McGuinness.  

There was also the “First ever disqualification for exceeding speed limit in pit lane handed out at #iomtt


“No electronic speed display in pit lane may be reason for so many speed penalties at #iomtt according to @ManxRadioTT

Manx Radio TT later clarified that the display was working but was very feint, so slightly hard to tell how fast you’re going!

We also brought you some exclusive and interesting facts:

“Anstey has a unique record of road racing success... 9 x TT winner, 9 x winner at NW200 & 7 x winner at Ulster Grand Prix. #TrueLegend

In Moto GP, the rumours of Spies not having a job next year may have spurred him on:

“Spies achieved best grid position of year at the right time with Yamaha Chief Mr Nakajima in Europe for the first time this year #MotoGP

But later crashed out of the race when making a lurch for the lead. Oops. 

Possibly the funniest moment from the weekend included the poor girl seen in this picture:

“Caught on camera...what's really going into Dovizioso's Monster can?!

Pouring water into a Monster can for Dovizisio live on the BBC…#epicfail  

Needless to say it caused a bit of a stir:

“@Hellsifumi@bennetts_bike The guilty looks and swift hiding that followed when they realized they were on camera were hilarious!!”

“@djc0604@bennetts_bike "you shouldn't drink Monster, I don't" maybe he shouldn't continue riding for Monster tech3 team”

We’re looking forward to the WSBK’s at Misano next…

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