Blog: Tommy Bridewell reflects on a disappointing Assen

Assen Tommy Bridewell blog

Tommy Bridewell reflects on a disappointing Assen, but is confident of a strong end to the season at Brands Hatch


“Assen was a real disappointment to be honest. We went into the weekend feeling really good, feeling confident, because we were on a strong run of form. We’ve been really fast in the second half of the season, fighting for and finishing on the podium, so to struggle like we did in the Netherlands was both a shame and a shock.

“Despite our run of form, we’ve also had some bad luck - the crash at Brands, the faulty component at Oulton that caused another crash, for instance - and unfortunately that trend continued at Assen too, which made life even more difficult. Crashing on someone else’s oil cost us lots of track time in FP1, and then we had a hose split and that cost us track time in FP2, so we were always playing catchup.

“But unfortunately for us, we were also the architects of our own downfall a little bit too, as we struggled with setup and the changes we made took us in the wrong direction. In the second race the bike felt better, but that was the stage we should have been at after FP1. So it was a difficult weekend and we’re all disappointed with the results.

“We’re racing motorbikes here though, and that’s sometimes how it goes. The second half of this season we’ve consistently been competing at the front of races, and now we have one round to go to I’m determined to end the season on a high and get the Bennetts Suzuki on the podium.

“It’s a triple-header at Brands Hatch to end the season, and we’ve been strong there all year. We were on the podium at the start of the year, and we could have had a win, were it not for the crash on the last lap. So we know we’ve got a good base setting, so hopefully we can pick up where we left off last time we were there and push on and get on the podium, ideally the top step.”