1. Using the Bennetts websites

    We have endeavoured to provide you with websites that are easy to use and accessible by all users, over a wide range of browsers and access technologies, and to ensure that our site can be easily used by people with disabilities.

  2. WAI Standards Compliance

    The website template has been designed to best meet "A" level of compliance with the WAI Accessibility Guidelines.

  3. Browser Compatibility

    Our website is designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Web pages have been written to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard, using CSS Style Sheets for the presentation meaning the website is usable on all web browsers that support these standards.

    Any features not supported by a particular browser are designed to degrade gracefully.

  4. Navigation

    Multiple routes to access individual pages have been provided, including the main navigation, shop by category and brand. There is also a ‘breadcrumb trail’ so the user always knows where in the site they are.

    User and search engine friendly URLs are used in the address bar, showing product related information,

  5. Images

    All images used in this site include descriptive alt tag attributes. Where an image has no use other than being decorative the alt tag is set to null to allow easy reading of the site by all users.

  6. Colours

    We have taken care to ensure that the site's font and background colour combinations contrast significantly and are effective in ensuring information is still clear when viewed in different colour combinations. If you wish to override the site's colours, you can do this by changing your browser settings to your own preference.

  7. Font size

    Most of the font sizes we use on our site are sizable. You can change the font size to make it either larger or smaller via your browser settings.

  8. Pop-ups

    Pop ups are used to help guide customers throughout the Bike Insurance quote journey.

  9. Stylesheets

    This site uses cascading style sheets for all visual layouts. If your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets at all, the use of structured semantic mark up ensures that the content of each page is still readable and clearly structured.

  10. Forms and fields

    All forms fields follow a logical tab sequence to ensure easy navigation.

  11. JavaScript

    The use of Java script has been kept to an absolute minimum. Where it is used then all pages and process are still accessible should Javascript be turned off.

  12. Links

    All links have been written to make sense when taken out of context. Where appropriate, we have also added link title attributes to describe the link in greater detail.

  13. Printing

    Where webpages have print option, an alternative print design is used to ensure the page prints just the relevant information and fits correctly onto the printed page.

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