Motorbike Tyre Safety

Tyre safety biking tips from Bennetts InsuranceBennetts have teamed up with Metzeler to provide you with some essential tyre safety tips for your motorbike.

Fitting Tyres
If a tyre is not in the fitment book or website, it could be a potentially dangerous or even illegal fitment.

Tread Depth
For a motorcycle tyre to be legal in the UK it needs at least 1.0mm tread depth around the circumference of the tyre for 75% of the central width and the remainder of the original pattern must be visible.

Don't Mix Tyre Brands
In the interest of safety always fit the same make on the front and rear.

Tyre Choice
Always choose a tyre that best suits its purpose. E.g. If you are riding all year round, a sports or sports-touring tyre is recommended. They are designed to give excellent grip in a wide range of weather conditions. Racetrack orientated tyres may be road legal and "soft" in compound, but they only offer high levels of grip when they have reached high operating temperatures.

Tyre Pressures
Check tyre pressures at least once per week when they are cold (i.e. before riding). Over-inflation reduces ride comfort and contact with the road (less grip!). Under-inflation results in poor handling and the bike will "wander". Improper tyre pressure will cause rapid wear, increase fuel consumption and provide less control. Always use the tyre manufacturer's recommendations.

Running-in new tyres
New tyres should be run-in at a maximum of 60m.p.h. for the first 100 miles or so, with no sudden braking or changes of direction and modest angles of lean. This period allows the tyre/rim assembly to adjust properly and lets the compound find its optimum working conditions.
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