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Kawasaki sneaks in with 47bhp Z800e

Author Marc Potter   Posted: 05 November 2012

Kawasaki's Z800
Kawasaki’s sexy new Z800 has received plenty of headlines, but the new 35Kw (46.9bhp) learner-friendly version has been missed, until now.

Buried away in the press information are details of the new Z800e. A bike designed to sell thousands across Europe as one of the best-looking factory-built 47bhp bikes on sale in 2013.

The new Z800e is designed to fit the rules across Europe on the strict A2 licence category, meaning if you’re 18 or over and you take the A2 motorcycle test, get all the style and looks of the big new 83Kw (112.8bhp) Z800, but still fall in-line with the 35Kw (47bhp) power limit.

The Z800e looks identical to the all-new Z800, but features a different exhaust silence, new downpipes, a different ECU and wiring loom connections to stop people plugging in the full power 112bhp ECU and converting it to full specification. Not that anyone would do, that would they?

The new bike gets launched this month and we’ll bring you a full riding report on both versions as soon as Kawasaki throw us the keys. See our Kawasaki Insurance page for further info on Kawaski's range of bikes. 

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