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UK MotoGP deal for 2014 TV coverage


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UK MotoGP deal for 2014 TV coverage

As we all know, Dorna have done a deal with BT to exclusively show MotoGP on the TV in the UK for 2014. No more BBC and no more Eurosport....just when Cal Crutchlow and Scott Redding are looking good :O(
In a recent online poll, 90% of people thought it was a very bad idea. online petition has been started to try to change things for the better. Its only been going for 3 weeks and already has over 1,000 signatures despite no mainstream media coverage.

The link is here;
(no donations needed to sign)

There is also a new Facebook page covering this;

If you don't like the new deal, then howabout signing up and sharing with your friends...?
Thanks :O)
Posted: 9 Oct 2014

RE: UK MotoGP deal for 2014 TV coverage

Thank god this never got off the ground.

BT have done a brilliant job this year.

Couldnt really ask for much more from them.