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History of Piaggio scooters

Like many other motorcycle manufacturers, Piaggio’s biking heritage came from a man with a post-war vision to create inexpensive vehicles for the masses. Although founded in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio, the company initially produced trains and, during World War I, bomber aircrafts.

However, with the factory completely demolished by bombing, the state of the country’s roads and the poor economy, Rinaldo’s son, Enrico Piaggio, was the man with the vision to drive the business forward by creating a modern and affordable form of transport.

Enrico approached aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio to create a vehicle that would be simple, robust and affordable. It had to be easy to operate for both men and women and have capacity for a passenger. The result was the iconic, original Vespa scooter, launched in 1946, complete with shields to ensure that riders’ clothes did not get dirty! Within ten years, more than 1 million Vespa scooters were sold.1

In 1959, the Agnelli family – owners of car maker Fiat SpA – acquired Piaggio. Under this ownership, Vespa continued to thrive until 1992. Seven years later, in 1999, Piaggio was taken over again, this time by a private equity firm, but hopes for a sale were dashed and by the end of 2002, company debts totalled 577 million euros. However, Roberto Colaninno believed that despite the financial turmoil, the Piaggio brand was still strong. In 2003, he invested 100 million euros for one third of Piaggio and the opportunity to run it.

The factory was redesigned using Japanese principles to install assembly line production, staff morale was given a boost and productivity increased. The changes made way for new innovations and in 2004, Piaggio scooters introduced two world firsts: a hybrid scooter and a three-wheeled tilting scooter – helping to re-establish Piaggio as a European market leader. Piaggio is now the fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world.

Piaggio’s range of scooters

  • 50cc

    Piaggio provides a wide range of scooters in the entry-level capacity range, with different styling to suit different tastes. All are affordable means of transport for nipping around the city or short distance commutes to work and college. Models include the Fly, Zip, Liberty, Typhoon and NRG.
  • 125cc

    Many of its 50cc scooters are also available in the larger 125cc capacity. Excellent fuel economy is a benefit of all of the Piaggio scooters in this range, and some, such as the Xevo, have the added benefit of a comfortable space for a passenger and underseat storage for 2 helmets.
  • 300-400cc

    Electronic injection, enhanced braking and added extras including a charging socket for sat nav make the Beverley range of Piaggio scooters attractive for those who require a little extra performance capacity or comfortable two-up scooter riding.
  • MP3

    The MP3 is the only scooter on the market with two-wheel tilting front suspension technology, teamed with a third rear wheel for enhanced grip, safety and stability. It can be ridden on a standard car driving licence, making it easier than ever to reap the benefits. There are different engine capacities to suit your needs, from 125cc to 300cc and 500cc – providing options for short city rides or longer distance commutes. All of the machines are equipped with storage and passenger capabilities.

Why choose a Piaggio scooter/moped?

Rising fuel costs and the ailing economy are all reasons for us to review our everyday costs for areas to cut back. Piaggio scooters and mopeds provide an affordable solution to daily commuting and everyday transport needs.

The added benefit is that the introduction of the innovative three-wheeled MP3 range, means that you can use and obtain scooter insurance for a Piaggio MP3 on a standard car driving licence, making it easier than ever to cut daily costs quickly.

Piaggio mopeds also provide a viable form of transport for those not yet old enough to hold a car licence, but desperate for the freedom and independence that a scooter can provide. A 170-strong UK dealer network also means that servicing and assistance is easy to access for peace of mind.

How Bennetts provide tailored Piaggio scooter/moped insurance

We understand that as a Piaggio scooter owner, one of the key elements for your scooter insurance is affordability. As the UK’s No.1 bike insurance specialist, we have access to a panel of eight insurance underwriters to provide our best value Piaggio moped insurance possible. This means that we can ensure that we source the most appropriate policy and price for the Piaggio scooter of your choice – helping to ensure that the daily commute remains affordable.

How to get a quote for your Piaggio scooter/moped

Getting an insurance quote from Bennetts is even easier than learning to ride your Piaggio scooter or moped.  You will be helped by a member of our UK-based Bennetts team if you call 0330 018 7990 for a quote. Or, if you prefer to apply for a quote online, you can access our safe website page here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have time to browse the rest of our website and you’re new to two wheels, you can also find some useful tips for new riders.

You can get a Piaggio scooter insurance quote and purchase online. Just input your personal details and then select Vespa-Piaggio from the dropdown when asked for your bike make. You can get a quote 24 hours a day by clicking here for bike insurance »

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